Thursday, September 28, 2006

Stand Up, Lay Down or Follow

After a grueling morning of playing "fetch" with Pokke-san the cat — who in fact is a better fetcher than either Alf the Wonder Beagle or Ripley the gray parrot — I decided it was time to face the world. Put succinctly, the world pretty much sucks right now. Okay, enough of that.

I do note that it's a sad commentary when the only media/entertainment people in the world with any balls are the two guys from South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and a really hot Muslim chick from Norway named Deeyah.

Matt and Trey continue to kick ass and take names — Saddam being "tortured" in prison by being forced to watch the South Park episodes with him in hell as Satan's little butt buddy...the "Come Out of the Closet, Tom" Cruise wars...sad to say these were the only two guys to actually stand up and say that cowtowing to jihadists is not "sensitivity to religious beliefs," but cowardice.

I've come a bit late to the Deeyah bandwagon, but she is a screaming world-class hottie [check out the pix]. She's also done something no American "entertainer," and I use the term loosely, has had the balls to do...criticize Islam for it's treatment of women and demand an end to prejudice coming from all directions.

For that, and her "brazen sexuality," the radical mullahs want her dead...she's under constant death threats, physical intimidation, even an attempted kidnapping, that has kept her moving from country to country. Her response is the sizzling "What Will It Be?"...stand up, lay down or follow. Watch the video here.

I'm trying to imagine the simpering post-adenoidal whiners, whose idea of standing tall is singing something like "Bush! Ooooow, ich!" or the Hollywood bobble-headed drones actually putting their multimillion dollar asses on the line by criticizing people who can and will kill them for their words. Nope, don't even compute.

Now, where did I put the cat's "mousie?"


Jerry The Geek said...

Politics and a hottie?


Thank you, oh earringed one, for contributing to our collective cultural diversity.

/drooling_on_the_keyboard_mode OFF

Hey, just a thought but ... can she sing? That would be a nice touch.

Maybe I ought to go watch the video again. Maybe four or six times more.

Michael Bane said...

Can she sing????

A lot better than Jessica Simpson!