Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sorry...No New Alien T&A

You know, after a few days with cowboys and Elvis impersonators, I start wondering whether I'll ever be able to get back to Baseline Normal...whatever that is.

Maybe when Meredith Viera starts on the Today Show I'll find my way back. I looked for a sleazy picture of Ms. Viera, but even Jossip, the world's greatest site if you're obsessed with Kate Moss and Paris Hilton, drew a blank. Sigh...

In the meantime, I thought I'd hook you up with the MOST BRAINLESS NYT OP-ED EVER PUBLISHED. And, unlike the Emmys, there's a lot of real competition in this category!
What’s worse, by granting this right to individuals, the law strips the public of its right to occupy public spaces without the threat of being shot. The police are trained to handle guns. The criminals know they’re not supposed to have them but find them easy to get, thanks to the N.R.A. Let them fight it out. No one is safer if gun-carrying civilians believe their rights entitle them to pretend they’re cops.

Sometimes I think the N.R.A. isn’t really about guns at all. It’s about making certain that the public — our political and civil society, in other words — has no ability to limit the rights of an individual. That is really what the logic of the “concealed carry” and “shall require” and “shoot first” laws says.
My gray parrot Ripley has more horsepower than this cheesebox moron, which is why, of course, Ripley doesn't doesn't write for the Decrepid Gray Lady. BTW, Ripley was never taken in by all the Valarie Plame stuff, either!

And good on NSSF for hammering the Boston Globe for not giving them equal time to address the Herald's endless fawning over Blowhard Bloomberg in neighboring New York. It's 'way past time for pretending that the vast majority of the MSM is anything but a propaganda arm of the antigun movement.

Finally, this note from the Material Girl's World:
POP star Madonna has sparked fury from animal rights groups by importing 1,000 baby pheasants from France for the shooting season.

The chicks have been penned at the 1,200-acre estate in North Dorset that the singer shares with her film director husband Guy Ritchie.

According to reports in the national press, the birds will be allowed to mature with 31,000 other chicks, brought in from Wales, on Madonna's Ashcombe House estate, near Tollard Royal, in time for the arrival of the guns on October 1.

The controversial move comes just a year after the material girl, 48, vowed to quit shooting after watching a badly wounded bird she had shot die in front of her.
Turns out it was all a big misunderstanding...the lovely Madonna though she was importing peasant babies! Angelina Jolie is heartbroken!

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