Friday, September 22, 2006

News of the Day...

I'm really torn over which new sof the day item is rocking my world more...this item from Evening Standard of London:
Police are hunting "devil worshippers" after a series of sickening "satanic rite" attacks on sheep at a national park.
...or this piece on Barbra Streisand's really nasty boobs:
Streisand seemed to forget what a photographer's flash can do to a black dress as she unwittingly revealed she had left the black bra tucked up in her drawer at home.
I can't even bring myself to post the picture. Then again, there's always Al Qaeda extreme paintball in Alabama:
What is perfectly clear, though, is that the images were not placed on the video to celebrate paintball as a recreation. They were there to celebrate it as a means towards death.
And when the Muslim American Society of Tampa (MAS-Tampa), a group that has published on its website material concerning the murder of non-Muslims, puts out a paintball event flyer stating, “We’re trying to separate the men from the Boys, The guns from the toys, The real ones from things that just make noise,” this too must be questioned. Are these groups out to have fun, or is it something else?
Me, I smell a whift of sulphur in the air, and I'm not even close to the U.N. Autumn is always a really scary season to me!


Anonymous said...

Why not sign a few of us up to compete against them? Of course, what with all the guns everyone should regularly carry we might miss one and bring it onto the playing field.....

Anonymous said...


Gee... Thanks for the link to the picture of Streisand. I was foolish enough to click on it. Now I'm gonna have to watch somebody slaughter a hog to get that vision out of my head.

Anonymous said...

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Michael Bane said...

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