Friday, September 15, 2006

So Much Bull!

So we're finishing up our rodeo clown reunion for COWBOYS at the Pentleton Round-Up — Slogan: "Let 'Er Buck!" — in (surprise) Pendleton, OR. We were trying to think of a good "OUT," the "thanks for joining us" part of the program.

So we got the bright idea to close with Tequila doing his spiel while the rodeo bullfighters worked behind him, which of course would involve a cowboy and a ton or so of pissed-off bull. We don our mandatory cowboy hats and long-sleeve shirts and talk our way onto the floor f the arena.

Now here's the deal at the Pendleton rodeo arena — it's huge, so they block off a smaller area for the bullriding with a 4-foot high fence made of PVC pipe. Let me reiterate that...PVC pipe. No problem, because we're stupid!

The Pendleton cowboys have a laisse faire attitude about the whole thing..."Might want to pay attention in there," one of 'em tells me.

No, we didn't kill Tequila! He delivered his lines perfectly, bull going batshit crazy in the background. We pack up quick and and head out of the arena, just in time to see the next bull launch himself about eight feet into the air, soar over the fence with PVC flying everywhere and land in the mathematically perfect spot Tequila and the rest of us were occupying seconds before.

Now THAT would have been an OUT to remember!


Anonymous said...

Glad you and Tequilla made it out in one piece, Michael!!!

Anonymous said...

What is the right self-defense gun and load for a wildly bucking bull? And will this be a future show on SG? There isn't much info out there on this important self-defense issue.

Anonymous said...

Next time don't wear the RED Hawaiian shirt!