Friday, September 29, 2006

How To Write an Anti-Gun Editorial

This from David Petzal over at Field & Stream:
Rule Number One is: Identify yourself as a gun owner and user; it gives you credibility, a la Bubba Clinton in the duckblind and John Kerry at the trap field.
Rule Number Two: Ignore what actually happens when a pro-gun law goes into effect. Minnesota passed its right to carry law a year ago. Since then, people are not shooting people in larger numbers than usual...
Rule Number Three: Any pro-gun law cannot be the will of the people, but must be due to the infernal machinations of…THE NRA.
Read the whole'll be seeing a lot of these following hte Baily school shooting.


Anonymous said...

Remember, there's always some type of cartridge out there that people "just shouldn't have." This, despite the fact that there generally are other rounds that have the exact same or greater speed, lethality, and/or range.

Anonymous said...

I was just in the Twin Cities this past weekend and was amused to walk into several public buildings with prominent placards in the front windows declaring that FIREARMS ARE NOT ALLOWED on the premises. I'm sure those signs have halted many a criminal in his tracks or, better yet, encouraged him to turn in his evil gun to a gun buyback program.