Friday, September 15, 2006

Jeff Cooper Gravely Ill

This from Rob Leahy:

“Jeff Cooper is in extremely grave condition at this hour. Previously hospitalized for possible surgery, he suffered a heart attack and was revived in the hospital. The heart muscle suffered serious damage. I hope you all can spare a moment of your day for him and his family in your thoughts and prayers...Rob"


Anonymous said...

As a lifetime shooter and enthusiast, this comes as such sad news. I have been reading the Colonel's works for 25 years and have always been impressed.

As a matter of fact, I am now the Range Master for the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office in Jacksonville, FL; and we are currently using some of his information in our current bi-annual re-qualification shoots.

So, Colonel Cooper (and his family) is not only in our thoughts and prayers, his legacy as a fantastic teacher lives on.

Police Sergeant M.D. Clements
JSO/Range Master

Anonymous said...

I met Jeff Cooper in 1980 in my capacity as co-director of the IPSC-USPSA Nationals. He is perhaps the only man I've ever met more arrogant than I am. But unlike me, he rates to be arrogant. No matter who you are or what you've done with a big bore handgun, you do it better because that man lived.

B.C. Walsh
USMC-22nd MEU (SOC), HPD SWAT, Lafayette Gun Club Combat Pistol Team