Wednesday, September 27, 2006

One Gun a Month Laws Ineffective???

Well, here's a surprise! Laws that limit individuals to one gun a month...don't have any effect on crime. From the Philadelphia Inquirer (strangely enough):
One-gun-a-month laws sound attractive to gun-control activists and draw broad public support in polls. But it's not clear that such statutes have had much impact on gun violence.

A study published last year in the journal Injury Prevention found that the laws restricting purchases had had no measurable impact. The study was done by a team of doctors from the University of Washington, using data from 1979 to 1998.
But we all feel better, right? Actually, I'm in favor of a law that requires individuals to purchase at least one gun a month!

And speaking of purveyors of mindless drivel — we were speaking of that, weren't we? — let me introduce you to that "master of psychological suspense," Jonathan Kellerman. Snore...nod. This from his most recent book, Rage, where his characters address the psychological disease these twits refer to as "gun hoarding" (honest...that's what Kellerman calls it):
"Don't users become pushers to pay for their habit? And all those guns he keeps — Lara wasn't raised with that, we never had so much as a BB gun in our home. All of a sudden they've got rifles, pistols, horrible stuff. He keeps them out in the open, in a wooden case — the way sophisticated people display books. If you're not doing something shadym why do you need all those guns?" [Paperback; Page 143; graf 9; no Internet link]
Well, I contend that we need all those guns to protect us from roaming bands of witless psychologists, dangerously spewing the effluvium from their pea-sized brains all over the place. BTW, read the Amazon reviews for Rage...looks like ole Alex Delaware's done gone limp!

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