Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Inevitable Consequences of Gun Control

From Drudge:
Squirrels Go On Attack At South Bay Park

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- An aggressive squirrel pounced on a 4-year-old boy in an attack last week in Cuesta Park in Mountain View, Calif.

The attack happened as the boy's mother unwrapped a muffin during a picnic.

The boy had to get rabies shot after the attack. He is still getting the shots.
The attack is not the first one reported at the park.

Mountain View Community Services Director David Muela said that as many as six people have been bitten or scratched by squirrels since May, and that the attacks have become more ferocious in the last month.
This kind of thing would not happen in Arizona or Texas...the first rodent that goes bonkers in the West, and it's the Squirrel Apocalypse...kindergarden kids would be popping 'em at recess!

Anyway, avoid at all costs opening a sack of muffins around squirrels! Keep watching the trees, America!


Syd said...

In Brazos County, it was squirrel stew. We reserved our apocalypses for larger varmits.


You should option the movie rites. It would make a great Hitchcock

Scott said...

We had some posts on some similar squirrel and racoon incidents a couple of months ago on It's human nature to think "most average American" are like us, but stories like these scare me--is this how cowardly and hypersensitive people have gotten in this country?

BTW, your link to Drudge appears to be broken.

Patrick Sweeney said...

I live in a university town. The students feed the damned things. Around campus you practically have to kick panhandling squirrels off the sidewalk just to get from one building to another.

Wild, they're cute. Too used to people, and they're vermin.

Anonymous said...

Your not the first to notice the doings of these beasties.