Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's Monday Once Again...

Spent all day yesterday at the range in Durango with Randi Rogers, a.k.a. Holy Terror, filming an update of her stellar career for COWBOYS. It's amazing to watch her transition from cowboy guns to Glocks — she's on Team Glock now, since Julie Goloski jumped to S&W. her grandfather and coach, Cowboy Action Shooting Hall of Famer Gene "Evil Roy" Pearcey, was worried when Randi went inside to change from cowboy drag to Glock drag — "You know it takes a while to shift gears with different triggers," he told me.

Randi responded by coming out and doing three blistering runs on the plate rack with her Glock "Practical-Tactical" 9mm.

"Okay," Gene said. "Forget what I said."

One of the greatest parts of my job is watching talent do what it does best. I feel so strongly that if we can put great shooters in front of the larger public, it would go a long way toward changing public opinion about guns and shootings. There's a huge resource just waiting to be tapped...okay okay...I won't get started!

The new Carnival of Cordite, the weekly collection of All Things Bang! on the Internet, is up and always worth perusing.

Cybercast News Service is reporting that a couple of NRA-backed bills reining in the BATFE should be coming up for a vote in the House:
Legislation expected before the U.S. House this week would give the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) greater flexibility to punish federally licensed firearms dealers and limit the agency's actions at gun shows. Another bill would forbid the ATF to release so-called crime gun trace data to cities, counties or states for use in lawsuits against the gun industry.
Let's hope this stuff gets through the House while we still have the House!

Finally, I can't give you any details or even tell you where the information came from except to say it is good, but I'm hearing about a 2300-yard sniper "kill" out of Iraq with the new .408 long-range blaster. Military snipers are truly pushing the envelope almost beyond belief. Earlier this year there was a confirmed kill at 1250 meters with a .308! Thats a pretty far reach for the baseline cartridge!

We'' of course be doing some work with the .408 for SHOOTING GALLERY a little later, and you'll see just how far our guys can reach out and touch someone.

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