Monday, September 25, 2006

Thank You, Michigan!

Had a great time up in Nugent-World over the weekend! Lots of people stopped by the gigantic Bass Pro OUTDOOR WORLD just to say "hi!" Some came with pretty serious questions, especially about CCW guns, and I hope I was able to help.

I'm always honored and humble when I talk to fans of SHOOTING GALLERY. I've said THANK YOU before, but I can never say it enough!

I'm doing pretty well on a rewrite of my book TRAIL SAFE, which was originally published in 2000 by Wilderness Press. I got the copyright back last year and decided to publish it through my own company, Flying Dragon Ltd., so I don't have to deal with the morons who populate the "real" publishing industry (my favorite line about 'real" publishing was from an old agent of mine when we went to the big book association convention...which was populated with frantic mid-20s women editors who went to Ivy League schools and still wore plaid skirts, cream colored sweaters and sensible, of course, did my agent..."It's easy for writers to get laid here," she said caustically, "but you won't have any fun...")

Specifically, I'm adding a lot more firearms information, which Wilderness, a granola press in Berkeley, CA, was uncomfortable with. I'm also adding a new introduction and some appendices on using my "Strategic Living" (tm) concepts outlined in the book in urban environments. My goal is to debut the new version at the SHOT Show in Orlando, with a big book signing and general revel.

I'm also planning on doing our SHOT Show episode of SG a little differently next year. I was thinking of having the camera follow me around on my meetings with firearms execs, gun designers and high-end trainers, with an idea of giving everyone an overall view of trends and what's coming up. SG is the ONLY show with as many insider contacts as we have, and I'd love to let everyone see what's coming up. If i can get the TOC support, I'd like to do a live video webcast from SHOT, focusing on new products. I've done this twice before, and each time we had a million individual viewers — raising havoc with our servers! — over three days.



Anonymous said...

That sounds like a good idea to me!

Anonymous said...

Ted Nugent lives in Texas now.

Anonymous said...

Any chance for an upgrade discount on Trail Safe?

Michael Bane said...

RE: Tedster in Texas

His body might be in Texas, but his soul will always be in the Motor City...


Anonymous said...

Live webcast? Hell yeah. as for the insiders look at SHOT that's a cool idea but can you still show all the enw product info like you did before? Maybe run more than one show out of it.

Jerry The Geek said...

It's awkward when editors and/or publishers need to worry about "damage control" of a controversial article.

My experience is that it's best to just shrug it off, say goodbye to the article, and self-publish.

No harm, no foul.

Apparently you've learned the same old lessons in the same old way.