Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Brit Speaks the Truth

From, a Britisher visits a gun show and finds, instead of bitterness, disappointment and social pathology,!
I don't think the Democratic nominee would have felt at home with this crowd. I heard several references to Comrade Obama, and saw one button (which I coveted) that said, "I am a BITTER gun-owner." They seemed to me an affable, friendly and very courteous bunch (well, you would be, wouldn't you?). I don't think you could mix with the show's visitors for more than five minutes without thinking it was nonsense to attribute their interest in guns to bitterness or disappointment or some form of social pathology. But of course there is a political dimension. Aside from other motivations--sport, self-defence--the gun-show universe is about pride, self-reliance, and resentment at being bossed around. Distinctively American traits, wouldn't you say? Best in moderation, no doubt--but still, where would the country be without those attitudes? I may get thrown out of Georgetown for this, but I say, good for them.
And I say good on you, Mr. Clive Crook...when they drum you out of Georgetown, you can always move to Colorado!

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Anonymous said...

With his luck, he'd end up in Boulder!