Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Para Holiday Camp Blogger Winners!

Here is the list of the Top Ten Gun Bloggers that you voted to send to Summer Camp with Todd Jarrett at Blackwater USA:
A Keyboard and a .45
Of Arms & the Law
View From The Porch
The View from North Central Idaho
Call me Ahab
The Smallest Minority
The Maddened Fowl
Sharp as a Marble

I keep thinking this is like the Who's "Tommy's Holiday Camp" song — "The camp with the difference/Never mind the weather/When you go to Tommy's/The holiday's foreeeeevvvvveeeerrr!." Anyway, I will be there with two — count 'em — film crews...one for SHOOTING GALLERY (they're the ones with the great big cameras) and one for DRTV (they're the ones with the nose rings).

We're also bringing along a couple of crash test dummies for the shows, the lovely Bitter Bitch and Sebastian...my thinking here is that I can inflict television on them while disturbing the class as little as possible. This, of course, won't work, and any of you who've been around my shows when we're filming know, but I thought it was a nice gesture.

To winner David Hardy of Arms & the Law — our super-lawyer expert on all things Heller — a word of caution from the great Gene Pitney theme song from the epic The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance:
From out of the East a stranger came, a law book in his hand, a man
The kind of a man the West would need to tame a troubled land
'cause the point of a gun was the only law that Liberty understood
When it came to shootin' straight and fast---he was mighty good.
But the point of a gun was the only law that Liberty understood
When the final showdown came at last, a law book was no good.


The Duck said...

Good to see that there was a way to include Sebastion & Bitter

Anonymous said...

The only movie theme song that was not in the movie!

John R said...

I am also very happy that Bitter and Sebastian get to play.

Thanks Michael

Tam said...

Yay! Bitter & Sebastian! :)

NotClauswitz said...

What Duck said, and JR, and Tam!!

Anonymous said...

Which is why I am also a graduate of Gunsite; LFI; Chapman; and FrontSight!! DMD Esq JD NYU Law '65