Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wednesday Podcast Late...

...as I've spent all day Monday on the range and all day Tuesday traveling (am still in D.C. and it's creeping on toward 8PM)...will whip it up first thing tomorrow...

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Anonymous said...


Any Drill Sergeant will tell you the maximum effective range of an an excuse is "point Zero Meters". :)

Anonymous said...

If you need any help I'm sure we could come up with something if you want to come down to Pax to look around

Anonymous said...

After all these years of fighting the forbidden knowledge (DVD-R, CD-RW, CD-R, CD-ROM,CD-WOW, DVD-DUD, CD-HUH, DVD-NOPE, CD-WOOPS) last week I finally broke down to learn that knowledge soest I could copy your podcasts to avoid ear buds whilst driving. ....wouldn't you know it.

Guess this minor infraction can be overlooked.

By the way...special thanks for the rant on gun violence. The timing was perfect. I excercised an opportunity to present that rationale to the editor of a small newspaper located adjacent to Baton Rouge. It may not have stuck...but it left a mark.

Also, he believes in "hunting guns" and likes to hunt, but, "...no one needs ....black rifles." He thought my Bushmaster and AAC can was picked up using the "gun show loophole" that allows illegal weapons to hit the street....fixed that one. So..using the knowledge I picked up from your podcast I made solid progress on all fronts (he's my 1st cousin so I know him). Many seeds were planted that could not be planted before in this ACLU supporting liberal.

Also...when I suggested he should be registered because he uses the 1st Ammendment to make a living he absolutely blew up and fell on the ground in screaming pieces. It was great....that really, really, pisses them off. I never even had to suggest we should know his party affiliation, 10 core beliefs, religion, country of origin, ethnic background, favorite food, favaorite recreation, sexual attraction or anything like that to fill out his 1st Ammendment registration form...he totally lost it at the mere mention being registered.

Thanks more than you know.


PS Next time ya'll are standing around talking to one of these smug liberals, in the midst of them spouting bovine scatology, swat the air, look around, push them to safety and say, "Watch out for that black helicopter!". They really don't like being ridiculed and it causes them to begin to suppress whatever silly idea they were espousing at the time....plus it's a fun thing to do.