Friday, July 11, 2008

Errands Before Big Bicycle Ride & Show Updates

Gotta run some errands over in Vail today, so it's not going to leave a lot of time for blogging today...tomorrow is all day on the bicycle...Sore Butt Alert!

In the meantime, visit DRTV for a couple of our cool new features. The Gun Bloggers' Round-Up has turned into a super popular feature. Essentially, Marshal built an engine to allow you to one-stop-shop all the gun blogs on the Internet. You can scroll through all the gun bloggers, choose from their most posts and read them on the DRTV site.

Marshal also added a Live Chat can drop in and chat with whoever's around. I try to check in at lunch and before dinner.

I'm also revamping SHOOTING GALLERY's episodes to accommodate THE BEST DEFENSE...I'm probably going to post more on this, but here's the Cliff Notes version...we'll focus all personal defense training in TBD, with SG taking over LEO/Military training, sport shooting, full-auto/Class 3, precision shooting and what I like to think of as off-beat stories. I also want to make sure I produce episodes that give you guaranteed take-home're gonna love the .22 episode I just finished planning!

I'm also moving away from two-part episodes on any of my shows. Rather, we're going to focus on providing the additional video material on DRTV as part of our complete broadcast/Internet integration of the shows. Sort of requires a different mindset, but I believe that in the long run it's the best way to deliver you more of what you want to watch, and in the most useful multimedia format.

Obviously, you're already aware that DRTV is moving toward the first Internet-only shooting series, which will allow us to more deeply "mine" our niche. I'm under way with the Big .50 series, which I anticipate premiering in the fall, then repeating in conjunction with 2009 SHOOTTING GALLERY episodes on the .50.


Anonymous said...

Darn, I'd invite for a frosty beverage since you're in the neighborhood but I've got to do the work thing today.


Anonymous said...

How long before no more shows on TV/Cable? When you move to internet only, how will you (the industry) charge us for viewing?

Ads can't cover it all...or can they?

Marshal Halloway said...

No plans to move to Internet only for the TV shows, but we will see a lot more combinations in the future. What we want to do is to have follow up videos connected to every show on TV. In other words, interaction will be a natural part of watching the shows. After a show, you simply "move from the TV chair to the computer chair" to learn more in terms of videos (follow-ups, in-depth, footage not covered on TV, forum discussions and chat).

We will in addition to the shows on TV and the interaction mention above, have internet only series. There is a lot of "stuff" we cannot cover through Shooting Gallery, Best Defense and Cowboys and the online media will be perfect for that either on DownRange.TV, or both.

Bob Anderson said...

The Gun Bloggers' Round-Up is really neat. Who ever figgered that out earned my admiration.

Anonymous said...

Ok, since the MB empire is expanding, how long before Mr. Bane takes on producing a Stephen Hunter movie? The "Shooter" sucked and sullied the name of SH.

Anonymous said...

"Zen of the 22" has a permanent place on my TIVO right next to the snubbie piece with Walt. If the new 22 show is 1/2 that of the "Zen.." it'll be a winner.