Friday, July 18, 2008


A film on the Quran by Dutch politician Geert Wilders. It's hard to watch, and I suspect it will probably become the most banned movie in the world. Watch it now while you can...


Anonymous said...

Too late...dude this is like the Borg. The West does not have the guts any longer to stop them. We send 700 Billion dollars a year to the Middle East in oil money. We are helping to build up Iraq and Afghanistan. Why? We should be shattering their societies.

Take a look at the NRA website video archives. Look for Marcus Luttrell at the 2008 Annual Meeting. See what rules a Navy Seal has to obey in Iraq. He had to stop searching a house because there was a Koran in a room. In WWII we firebombed the Japanese and Germans until total and absolute submission. In Iraq our snipers have to call in each kill shot. This is not war. It is defeat.

If there is a salvation it will come from elsewhere. China or India will most likely save our sorry asses. Talk to your local Hindu storeowner. Ask him how they would take care of the Muslims. You will be quite surprised. Read how the Chinese are taking care of business in their Muslim provinces.

Bob Anderson said...

That's pretty somber. If you want to read a good book on the Islamization of the west pick up America Alone by Mark Steyn

Anonymous said...

Ugly as hell...and bho says we must just sit down and talk with them. His head's so far up they could'nt cut it off. the mushroom

Anonymous said...

Yep, like Bob said, see also America Alone by Mark Steyn. The Moors are re-conquering Europe slowly via sheer demographics and European social democrats are giving up the fight.

pops1911 said...

I think it's time to withdraw all troops from the middle east & then 'nuke 'em till they glow' as we used to say. Enough of the pussy-footing around.

As far as leaving it to others to make it happen - Japan now owns 50%+ of the US. China is flooding the US with crap - thanks WallyWorld et al.

We may as well give it all away - especially if those idiots vote B'Ho in.

Frustrated by ignorance .... Yes!!!

Unknown said...

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