Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Build Me Up, Buttercup...

...another one of the many reasons why pre-dawn airports are toxic places...although, after a long night of driving and listening to 1950's vintage country weepers on the sat radio, it's a miracle I didn't hang myself in the shower of the Holiday Inn Select.

I have to say I had an amazing -- and humbling -- experience yesterday at the NRA Youth Hunting Education Challenge (YHEC, which, I might add, I couldn't have passed on a bet. Compasses? Orienteering? Yeah, right. Where's my GPS? Game identification? Is that a poodle?)...I showed up and got literally mobbed by bunches of high schoolers who said SHOOTING GALLERY was their favorite show. How cool is that?

Really cool, I'll tell you.

You probably know Dick Heller has filed yet another lawsuit against Washington D.C.:
In a complaint filed Monday in U.S. District Court, Dick Heller and two other plaintiffs allege that the city's new gun regulations still violate rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

The lawsuit cites the District of Columbia's unusual ban on firearms that carry more than 12 rounds of ammunition, which includes most semiautomatic handguns.

The suit also claims that the city's regulations make it all but impossible for residents to keep a gun ready for immediate self defense in the home.
Gosh, is there an echo in here?

I'm increasingly worried about the consequences of the high costs of ammo, something I head a lot about the YHEC championships. I'm going to dedicate some SHOOTING GALLERY and DRTV time to .22 caliber alternatives, which I think might be our only salvation until the current war demand lessens.

Whoops! Gotta go get on the toy airplane to Deeeeetroit...and, they're playing ABBA's greatest hits on the muzak!


Anonymous said...

Muzak versions of ABBA. You are in hell, Michael, hell I tell you.

BTW, it is not the war that is forcing prices up, it's the damn Chinese. According to a number of things I've read, they are taking the billions of dollars we send them every month (day?) and buying everything in sight - especially metals.

That demand for resources is only going to get worse and so long as we buy it from others, we will get worse along with it.

Anonymous said...

As our dollar declines, everything becomes more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Abba's Ok. I can dig it.

John Richardson said...

If you haven't checked it out already, go to www.rimfirecentral.com. It is all things rimfire, all the time.

I am seriously thinking of getting a Russian Biathlon Basic .22LR. It has the coolest toggle bolt and is damn accurate to boot.

Anonymous said...

I have a .22 conversion on order for my Glock 17. $30 for 100 rnds. of 9mm is a bit high.

Anonymous said...

MB--just bought a .22 gsg-5p mp-5 clone pistol--.22 mp-5 look-alike--dmd

Anonymous said...

Skimming the new Heller report, it doesn't seem to be banning weapons with 12-round-or-greater magazines, but weapons which can be CONVERTED to accept 12-round-or-greater magazines...i.e. just about any semi-automatic pistol available, so even if you only had Californicated 10 rounders, you could convert it (basically by buying a normal magazine) and have an evil machine gun, ergo you can't register is (and sounds like you might be arrested for it, from the complaint).

Anonymous said...


It is VERY COOL that young shooters are coming along (and watching Shooting Gallery). You can congratulate yourself on being a good sized force behind that movement!

Anonymous said...

Please to note that Richard Gardiner and Stephen Halbrook are the attorneys on this case. Both are "affliated" with NRA. Maybe NRA is picking up the tab this time?

Anonymous said...

Isn't India supposed to start making some car with a price under $10K?

It's their version of the Yugo. Providing lead for the car's batteries is just going to drive up the demand for lead too.