Monday, July 21, 2008

Slow Blogging...

...because I've been touring Blackwater all day figuring out locations for THE BEST DEFENSE. Now I'm in the Black Bear Hotel, one of the Blackwater bunkhouses, about ready to collapse.

After our tour, we hauled down to Avon on Hatteras Island to sit on the beach, eat some gen-u-wine North Carolina seafood and stare at the beach girls...scratch that...I would never do anything that sexist, as it might jeaprodize my chances in running against the incumbent b-HO in five about, gazed longingly while musing on our lost youth?

Cool thing...I'm out on the fishing pier at Avon, which is pretty much about 5 miles from East Jesus, Nowhere, when a guy came up to me and said, "You know, this is the last place on earth I expected to run into you." I wonder what the first place was? Heck, a fishing pier on Hatteras is as good a place as any, one supposes. Anyway, I got to sign an autograph, which makes me feel truly blessed.

In the meantime, check out Dave Kopel's piece on the U.N. war again guns, which is always simmering on a burner at the U.N. Official Cesspool in New York City:
Despite protestations to the contrary, the U.N. remains quite interested in constricting lawful gun ownership. Consider, for example, the United Nations Disarmament Programme's publication, How to Guide: The Small Arms and Light Weapons Legislation. The publication touts the importance of international "harmonisation" of gun laws. According to the United Nations:

Citizens should only be allowed to own guns if they are given a government permit, and the permit should only be issued if there is a "good reason" for posssession or or "genuine need."

In particular, permits to own guns for self defense should not be issued unless the applicant proves that he is in immediate danger.

The law requires "safe storage", which means that firearms should be disassembled and the ammunition ammo stored separately.

There should be frequent renewal procedures to assure the owner's continued eligibility. A good example is provided by Australia, which for most gun owners (except farmers) requires membership in a sports club, and participation in a minimum number of shooting events annually.

A firearms license should be contingent on the consent of the person's spouse or former partner.

All firearms should be registered on a centralized computer system.

The home and vehicles of a gun owner should be subject to official inspection "at will."
It's important to know the U.N. flag, because one day you'll probably be either saluting it or fighting against it...


Anonymous said...

how about, gazed longingly while musing on our lost youth?

How about checking out the local pelts?
As you might have guessed, I'm not going to be running for anything except maybe, Political Correctness Exterminator.

It's important to know the U.N. flag, because one day you'll probably be either saluting it or fighting against it

Or pissing on the smoldering remains thereof.

John Richardson said...

Given that B-HO was just quoted as talking about the "next 8-10 years" of his presidency, I guess 5years is about right. If you are the Messiah, I guess you can make a four year term a five year one. Four year terms are just for the rest of us little people like Washington, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt.

John Richardson said...

PS: Welcome to North Carolina!!

John - still in NC but 500 miles west of you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because an organization that can't keep the 3rd world dregs of its loan-troops from trafficing blow, touching kids and running from anything that goes "pop" is something that needs to be feared. Snore.

Anonymous said...

Michael, have you as yet read this?

Anonymous said...

Gee, the UN checklist sounds just like the design of the current Canadian Federal firearm laws and regs. This is not a big surprise, since some of the anti-gun bureaucrats and anti-gun activists in Canada are tied into the UN initiatives.

That is not the only viewpoint on firearm ownership and usage in Canada...


Tim Covington said...

I'm already fighting against it (politically). I fully expect people to be fighting against it (physically) in the next 50 years.

Anonymous said...

So, that "Dr Rebecca Peters" is still in that job. (I believe she got her doctorate from "the centre for disease control" just before Bill Clinton stopped Federal Funding to them for manufacturing stastics about guns.)
She is from Australia, and we were glad to see her gone, .... until we found out where she went :( ...

Anonymous said...

Australia is NOT an example I would want to follow.

Let me put it this way...I'm headed for Australia next month, with arms. I put in the paperwork three months ago. They are requiring one paper to get into the country...and another permit to LEAVE the country.

The guns involved are muzzle-loaders.

This is not the work of a rational government.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to paraphrase and plagiarize Brotha Dave here a bit, but the Mississippi National Guard could take on the UN in flat-bed pick'em-up-trucks, win total victory, and have enough time left over to make it to Billy Joe's for ribs and beer that evening.

The only way the UN becomes a real factor for us is if some idiot (like bHO?) puts US troops under UN command for operations against civilians on US soil.

But by the time the situation gets to the point where US troops are put under UN command on US soil for use against us, well, some of us will already be taking steps.