Wednesday, July 09, 2008


We're still aiming at a September production schedule, with the first shows appearing on OC in January 2009 (along with Season 9 of SHOOTING GALLERY). Principal filming will take place at Blackwater with Michael Dorsey from OC directing.

I will have three regular instructors to back me up:
Walt Rauch to handle the scenarios
Michael Janich on awareness, empty hand, knife and improvised weapons
Rob Pincus on shooting techniques
We'll be bringing in a whole host of other top instructors to help us out as we go along!


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Jim Manley said...

:( I don't get Outdoor Channel with my cable package. :(

Streaming full episodes? Selling episodes on iTunes? Anything?

Anonymous said...

Michael, Please be sure to include using semi-autos as a primary/secondary weapon for defense and utility. Too many people in the non-shooting sector are not aware of the role of the quote: "assault weapon". In the shadow of the SCOTUS ruling, too many people now think that protection ONLY means handguns.
Jesse Jackson was on live at ABC this morning, spewing complete falsehoods about the role of "assult weapons" in the high crime rate in some areas and among some "cultures". He at least got the semi-auto part right, but quoted the old "ban" incorrectly, as well as the crime statistics; on purpose I believe. He's pushing for renewal of the AWB, and is looking for b-HO to do it. Jesse should watch the many National Geographic programs on gangs, if he really wants to understand what's going on.
Knowledge and data are very good tools. Most people can be trusted with the truth. Many don't want them to know it though.

Anonymous said...

i just wish that i didnt have to buy all of the HBO channels to get the outdoor channel on direct TV

Anonymous said...

Chris, you don't have to get the HBO stuff to get OC. I have Directv and no HBO. Just tell them you want OC "a la carte". Costs about $2.99 a month. Reason I say "about" is cause the folks on the other end have discretion apparently. Could cost $1.99 I have heard.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be a great project! Michaels' track record for great TV is obviously outstanding and it will be an honor to be working with pros like Walt and Michael Janich.

I am looking forward to putting out some great information.

Thanks for having me involved, Mr. Bane!