Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day, 2008

Great nations do great things.

Above all, remember those serve, that we might all be free.


Anonymous said...

Ok explain why the flag has a shadow going to the left and everything else has the shadow to the right !!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th everyone!

Be safe, enjoy the company of family and friends, BBQ and adult beverages. :)

We might want to take some time to do a little educating to those who have forgotten, about how a relatively small group of people took control of their destiny 232 yrs ago.

They fought against the most powerful, heavily armed, trained military force on the planet.

And kicked their ass.

the shadow you see left of the flag looks to me to come from off frame.
Search NASA's site and you will find the high res photo of Ed Aldrin and the flag.