Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Patting My Superb Crew on the Back!

BTW, SHOOTING GALLERY is the winner of two Bronze Awards from the 2008 Telly Awards, the cable industry's Emmys.

We won for Knob Creek 1 & 2.

How cool is that...winning two Hollywood awards for shows about MACHINE GUNS?

My thanks to the guys at Knob Creek and the wonderful production crew from Hatch TV.

FWIW, SHOOTING GALLERY and COWBOYS are now the most "decorated" shooting shows ever. And we have never, ever compromised...nor will we.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Michael. Every once in a while the hard work pays off.

TexGun said...

Congrats MB! Keep the great shows coming! We can't wait for Best Defense!

-Greg H aka TexGun

Petey said...

Congrats to you MB and the entire crew at Shooting Gallery.

Ah, Knob Creek. A holy pilgrimage.

Anonymous said...


Setting the standard, as usual!

Kevin said...

Are you going to cover Boomershoot 09?

Jason said...

Congratulations Micahel, you and your crew deserve it! Best shows on TV in my book.