Friday, October 31, 2008

Sic Temper Moron-us

Exit Dan Cooper...USA Today has the wrap-up, with a bit of liberal handwringing and a great quote from our pal Jim Shepherd at The Shooting Wire.

Call it a little bit better than 48 hours start to finish...I only pray we're as good in getting out the vote!

Have been at Blackwater filming The Best Defense...everything going best case so far...we'll start posting DRTV clips in early December. Will be doing some 1000 yard shooting next week for SG, plus a special episode focusing on Rob Pincus' Combat Focused Shooting...

Got to run...plane door closing!

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Anonymous said...

OK, Dan Cooper resigned. How big a stake does he still own in the company?

And if he says he is sorry and goes shooting with Ted Nugent are you gonna forgive him and break bread with him like ya did Zumbo?

alfsauve said...

I have this long memory about some things. Like this kid in elementary school who picked on.......uh... So I'm not over Bill Ruger, yet. Wouldn't loan used, disposable earplugs to Zumbo. And Cooper Firearms? Can't say yet how I'm gonna feel in a week/year/decade.

And the reason you don't see this type of grass roots "outing" on the liberal side, is that they don't really stand for anything. So when one of their numbers defects, they have nothing to "out".

Anonymous said...

The whole ordeal with Mr. Cooper is nothing short of lynching!
Although I don’t see eye to eye with him, especially when it comes to his political choices, the decision made by board of directors of his company is disgusting. This is typical nee jerk reaction. I am just wondering how many really canceled their orders, out of all who called or e-mailed Cooper Firearms. I hope he’ll ‘stick to his guns’ and not going to eat his hat like Zumbo.

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled, the liberal eat their young. They drive people out of organizations and kill their credibility on a routine basis.

Cooper lied about contributing to the RNC. He may have gotten through this but you can't do it when you get caught in a lie.

When the Dems win big on Tuesday and start pushing gun control measures next year, look back and think about how bad you feel then about calling Cooper on the carpet for supporting people who want to ban guns.

Anonymous said...

Let's just move forward and get McCain elected. If we don't, we'll all be sorry. Obama's slick rhetoric and word-smithed phrases all contain "easy-outs" for when he goes back on his word, or is accused of lieing. He believes in the Second Amendment, but in what context? He recently described his ideal Supreme Court Judge nominee as an individual that may not necessarily agree with the original intent of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, or the Amendments, but one who has a more up-to-date opinion. In this case, he mentioned "privacy" as the example. Ask "Joe the Plumber" about privacy. That ain't the kind Obama is talking about. Obama has already said that he didn't believe in the original intent of the 2A, but of a more "modern" interpretation. And why didn't Obama sign the document supporting the SCOTUS finding in "DC vs. Heller"? You know why. He jerked us around there too. It'll be just like Clinton, who promised that " can still use your rifles to hunt ducks."Let's get out and vote for McCain and get everyone we can to do likewise!
Life Member

alfsauve said...

"Lynching"-- execution without due process.

So what's the "due process" when a friend stabs you in the back? The man contributed to the potential demise of RKBA. And while not the majority owner of Cooper Firearms, he is the founder and figurehead. He's featured in the ads. He is the company image. So, sorry, I'm not going to do business with him. That's not lynching, that's voting with my dollars whose on my side and whose not.

If Cooper Firearms where to ask me, I'd say to divorce themselves from Mr Cooper publicly, drop the issue and move on with business.....which is what appears they have done. (Check their web site.) It's what any company would do with a controversial figure....remember Anita Bryant?

Anonymous said...

Alex, how many of his guns did you order specifically stating you were doing so to support him?

Anonymous said...


I didn't say I'll support him. I don't own any Cooper rifles, too expensive. I simply don't think every supporter on 2A should fall in line and vote Republican. I am casting my vote for McCain, but this is my choce to make.