Sunday, August 02, 2009

Big In Japan

When you're big in Japan, tonight
Big in Japan, be tight, big in Japan where the eastern seas so blue
Big in Japan, alright, pay, then Ill sleep by your side
Things are easy when youre big in Japan, when youre big in Japan

— Alphaville
"Big In Japan"

Picked up a check today from Authors' Registry for $96 (American money) for the parts of WHITE BOY SINGING THE BLUES that are copied and then are required reading in Japanese middle school.

Yes, I'm Big in Japan! I have this pervasive fantasy of visiting Japan and running into a bosozoku of Japanese school girls who say, "Michael-san! We know so much of American culture from your book. Now we would like to take you to rabu hoteru and show you real Japanese culture!"

Yeah, right...dirty old man! But my Sweetie and I will be doing sushi this week, care of those Japanese school girls!

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