Monday, August 24, 2009

Official "I Hate Monday" Monday

Getting ready for a lunatic week of one-day trips, popping out to Lost Angeles to do a guest spot on a History Channel special on the ace producer of THE BEST DEFENSE: SURVIVAL, I'm supposed to address the issue of whether bad people might do bad things if LA melted down. Hmmmmmmmmmm...lemme give that 3 or 4 seconds deep thought!

Then I pop into Boise for a day with Tactical Solutions, whipping back to The Secret Hidden Bunker in time for an all-cowboy pheasant hunt for COWBOYS...we're actually going to tie the pheasants down and torture them before we kill them, so no worries there!

The next morning, it's All Zoot All The Time with the first Zoot Shoot Championships, which (of course) you'll see on SHOOTING GALLERY next year. To get ready for the Zoots, last Friday I headed down to Suavecito in Denver...not only are those guys the very essence of coooooool, they're hunters, shooters and stone fans of OUTDOOR CHANNEL.

I decided pink might send the wrong message, but I promise you I'll rock the house (and yes, I know zoots are a part of El Paso Pachuco culture from the '30s and '40s, but I shoot Rugers in Cowboy Action Shooting, too...authenticity be damned!). Really though, when you've got a Thompson, nobody notices your clothes. I suggested to my Sweetie that she should consider getting a hot flapper outfit for the event; she suggested that I should consider slamming my head in the door.


Tim Covington said...

"we're actually going to tie the pheasants down and torture them before we kill them, so no worries there!"

Tortured meat tastes better anyways.

DonWorsham said...

Michael, choose the hat is the key to the outfit.

Charlie Foxtrot said...

"...whether bad people might do bad things if LA melted down."

You mean -- more than normal?

Our jobs and families keep us pretty much near the drain of the LA Basin. If SHTF, I'm pretty sure the only option will be to go to ground and hope the 3.5 million fellow LA idiots either leave or kill each other.

Not a happy making prospect.

Haji said...

I wish they'd chosen a more...period correct name for the Association, but I still think its a cool way to compete. Obviously, lots of people enjoy the escapism aspect of several of the shooting sports, and here's a new one to try, and some history to learn or get back in touch with. Not my thing, but I hope this sport grows quickly and lots of people get into it. I just want to see as many people enjoying whatever shooting sport they want to get into as possible.

Anonymous said...

The dress up and play shooting sports hold ZERO interest for me. But, I'm all for people getting out shooting.

I don't foresee much growth in shooting while attired in a Zoot Suit, however. At least when you dress up and play Longhunter, mountain man, Civil War, or cowboy you are recreating a part of our history that most Americans are aware of and has appeal. I'd wager the typical American doesn't know what a Zoot is and would think the whole thing silly.