Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hollywood Tuesday

And those who are successful,
Be always on your guard,
Success walks hand in hand with failure
Along Hollywood Boulevard.

"Celluloid Heroes"
The Kinks

Man, I'm reeling from a total Hollywood Day...woke up to deal making...sat in front of the cameras for the first part of the day...out pitching new deals the rest of the day...it's frightening, mostly because it's almost impossible not to take it seriously. Talk about seductive...no really, I could make a zillion billion dollars out here! In a week...or maybe two...maybe two zillion billion...I could get a maid...Alf the Wonder Beagle could get a maid...Alf's maid could get a maid...

***Dose of Cold Water Here...***

Yeah right. Am 99.99% there on Series #5, however...I agreed to my cut today, and we could be in production in a couple of weeks. I also moved one of my old series ideas up to the front burner, with an eye toward early 2011.

Was interesting to be interviewed by a Brit production team for the History Channel special on the effects of an influenza epidemic on lovely LA. I can't say I was particularly optimistic...I did say that I'd rather be pretty much anywhere else in the world except LA if the grid went down. Definitely be Escape From LA The Sequel time.

Did I mention that Africa is back in play, Mozambique for buffalo next September? Yeah, I bought the 450/400 3-inch Nitro Express Ruger #1 on the hopes that the trip will happen. I'm also talking to Hamilton Bowen about a companion handgun for plains game (we've been discussing it over on Lee Martin's single action forums). heaven knows I'd love an excuse for a 5-shot BLASTUM BIG GUN, but Hamilton and others are pushing for a Blackhawk Hunter .44 Magnum refitted with a cylinder to carry 300+grain bullets (like the Buffalo Bore +P+.44 340-gr screamer, the legendary Garrett Hammerheads or the less powerful but not exactly chopped liver Corbon 320-gr Hunter).

Tomorrow AM I'm off to Boise, which is a lot like LA except you can have .50 BMGs and suppressors!

BTW, here's an excellent piece from Marko at Munchkin Wrangler on what would happen if all those nasty guns went away: "A Vote for Gun Control is a Vote for Thunderdome." I've said for years that nothing much has changed since the late middle ages, when a bunch of peasants with new-fangled hand cannones whacked the French Mounted Horse:
The truth is that criminals who make a living threatening injury or death for the contents of a cash register or a wallet won’t be greatly handicapped by any laws that prohibit the carrying of guns. They carry them anyway, but as I’ve pointed out, they’d still tilt the favors in their odds even if the magic gun control fairy could make all the guns go *poof* overnight. Gun control is tossing their intended victims into the ring with them after forcibly disarming them…to make sure the violence doesn’t escalate.
Maybe I should go uptown and hang around trendy watering holes in the hopes of making Entertainment Weekly...maybe I should just go to bed...


DonWorsham said...

I can not keep up with all the new shows you have in play. Please create a dashboard report listing all current and future projects and their status. Produce this report monthly.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

As far as the anti-gun agenda goes, if the "antis" could wave their majic wand and make all guns go away, even from the hands of the criminal, then criminals would just use swords and chainsaws. Wait, wasn't there just something about that happening in the news yesterday? But, I sing to the choir and preach to the converted.
Life Member
P. S.: Michael, take care of your health. We all enjoy your shows, but we need you for more than that!

Tim Covington said...

This is off topic, but I want to thank you for the recommendation of Duluth Trading Company for a concealment vest. I lucked out and they had the perfect vest for me on clearance (half off regular price), and I love it.

Anonymous said...

I vote for going to the trendy spots... in your pink Zoot suit!

Anonymous said...

The town south of Bakersfield always looks better in the movies.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with a super blackhawk in .454 or .480 ? And better take an alaskan for back up. Off the shelf blasters- from your sponsors even. The alaskan in .454 is great fun, try it rapid fire to see how well you could stop a charging griz or saber toothed chipmunk. Had mine out last week, thumb hurt a little for two days but I'm still smiling. the mushroom

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