Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Brief Respite Between Airports

Soooooooo, a hard day at the Zoot Suit Office yesterday. I did have a scary moment with a borrowed Thompson, which I'll be going into on the podcast on Wednesday AM. In short, I had a .45 round fire out-of-battery as I was clearing a jam, with the rear end of case exploding. I've got a nifty bruise on my midsection from flying brass chunks, but luckily I'd canted the ejection port down as part of clearing the gun with a top-mounted operating handle. Most of the kaboom went into the table where the gun had been staged. That'll get the ole pucker factor up! Been a while since I had a gun light up on me.

I'll call Auto Ordnance later this week and go through the whole thing with them.

Six AM flight tomorrow...YET ANOTHER SIGH...hopefully, I'll sleep on the plane, or get seated next to Angelina Jolie...


Anonymous said...

Angelina flies her own airplane

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