Monday, August 03, 2009

A Darn Grinding Monday!

Because he's dead
He's dead
We chopped
His head

Okay, sorry! I promised no MJ! Just finished making a lasagna (low-fat ricotta, please!), which I plan to serve with a red wine appropriately named Reds from Lodi Wineries in California. Excellent red dinner wine...not as good as the stuff you get in Italy for less than bottled water, but, hey...

I also found an in-the-white non-stainless Ruger birdshead gripframe on the Internet this afternoon, which would be perfect for the single action Border Gun clone! I sent the note to Hamilton Bowen t=outlining what I would be looking for (and what things I planned to do myself, which he will no doubt have to correct), so I seem to be moving forward. I'm thinking Turnbull for the refinishing...Doug does heirloom work...period. BTW, would you like me to do another COWBOYS with Doug?

My 1901 Winchester '97 is almost was apparently a bear to overhaul the thing,'s been in the shop for a year.. Still, it's a solid-frame '97 in pretty good shape...more or less. I'll do a full report on DRTV when it comes home.

There's a pretty good selection of what every home needs in the way of emergency supplies over at Popular Mechanics. I'm big on iodine tablets rather than various and sundry filters just because of pure volume of water treated. I've used iodine for years... you gotta cut it with Crystal Light to be able to gag it down, but it does work. I also prefer a little bit more comprehensive first aid kit — Adventure Medical makes some great ones. Be sure to get ones with trauma support and QUICKCLOT (or the more standard Celox). If you carry a gun, you might consider John Farnam's Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds course.


Jason said...

Katadyne MP-1 tablets kill more stuff than iodine. Much mo better. Not as nasty tasting either. I think they have a longer shelf-life as well.

Anonymous said...

I took the TTGSW course several years ago. Excellent course. Very basic but with lots of good information and hands on training.

I now keep an IBD with me at all times and give them out with some brief training to people I like ;>

It's my understanding DOD is withdrawing Quickclot form it's inventory.


vmijpp said...

I haven't taken TTGSW but I have taken a more in-depth course thru the USMC. IBDs and tourniquets are lifesavers, and should be carried and stashed in large numbers. Note that there are several different kinds of what is generally called the IBD; it pays to seek out a copy of each and tear it open to see how it works.

I was issued my IFAK at Camp Lejeune the other day and was surprised to see that it did not have the Quikclot powder. I did however get two packets of the Quikclot-impregnated combat gauze. If anyone out there carries the Quikclot powder but has NOT gotten seriosu instruction on how and when to use it, I recommend you not carry it until you do. It is not a magic wand. YMMV.