Tuesday, August 11, 2009


ObamaCare Portable Medical Facility for the Elderly

...spent most of the day working like a dog, then went to the range for an hour of one-shot draws and Bill Drills. Then grabbed a quick hour-long mountain bike. I think I over-crammed the day, to tell the truth.

BTW, today we moved a good bit closer to mine and Marshal's dream of Internet-only gun shows...there's so much we want to do...the .50 BMG series, the Hamilton Bowen custom gun series, the custom 1911 series...man oh man...

BTW BTW, I signed on today to write a regular column in the cowboy action shooting magazine, the SASS COWBOY CHRONICLE...starting with the October issue and tentatively called "The Howling" (my SASS alias, Wolf Bane...get it???), the column will cover zombies, werewolves...JOKING! JOKING! After the columns run in the CC, we'll be posting them on DRTV so you guys can read them as well.

I like it when one of my cohosts gets religion, so I'n referring you to this piece on DRTV from Brother Rob Pincus on the AK-47. Hey, he even made a pun about Ice Cube! Read the whole post — Rob's an excellent writer, and this post was a treat.

And while we're (sorta) on the subject of THE BEST DEFENSE: SURVIVAL, the guys on DRTV alerted me to this article on MSN Money on "6 Steps for Investing for Doomsday," noting that much of the advice had already been on TBD:S:
In his 2008 best-seller, "Wealth, War & Wisdom," hedge fund manager Barton Biggs warns that investors must "assume the possibility of a breakdown of the civilized infrastructure."
And to prepare for a breakdown of civilization, "your safe haven must be self-sufficient and capable of growing some kind of food. . . . It should be well-stocked with seed, fertilizer, canned food, wine, medicine, clothes, etc." Bloomberg Markets suggested that by "etc." he meant guns, as Biggs added "a few rounds over the approaching brigands' heads would probably be a compelling persuader that there are easier farms to pillage."

That warning isn't from a hippie radical. Biggs was a respected Wall Street guru at Morgan Stanley for 30 years. As the company's chief global strategist, Institutional Investor magazine put him on its All-America Research Team 10 times. SmartMoney said: "Biggs is without question the premier prognosticator on the international scene and a mover of markets from Argentina to Hong Kong."
Read the whole thing....or don't...and can we pass on the whining comments about how you live on 8-Mile in Detroit, buy just enough food and beer for one day at a time, feel 101% safe and secure in your duplex without a front door lock or even screens in the windows and own a 1960s' vintage Gene Autrey squirt gun filled with diluted vinegar for self-defense? In advance, good on you! Best of luck! Say hi to Eminem for me! Yes, I'm a hypocrite and feed like a vampire on people's fear and suffering! Still, It's a good, interesting article poking a little fun, and the joke at the end will at least make you smile (or groan).

Finally, I feel better that the Boy King has assured America that no one will be waiting in line for health care once we enact His Blessed Government Run Just Like The Post Office System...there will be sufficient eugenicists and government-certified euthanologists to take care of all of America's elderly, sick, lame, talk show radio hosts, vocal conservatives, patriots, people who own a Gasden flag or have ever once teared up over the Pledge of Allegiance, anyone who has actually read the Constitution, gun owners, people who have relatives who are gun owners, Israelis living in America, Americans who support Israel, Southerners, people who live in Montana, Arizona, Wyoming, Utah, parts of Colorado, Nevada outside of Las Vegas and New Hampshire, anyone who owns a pickup truck or can readily identify Brooks or Dunn, Ted Nugent, anyone who watches Ted Nugent's show, anyone who owns a Ted Nugent recording, people who oppose taxes, millionaires, people who make more money than welfare moms, small businesspeople, dissidents, anyone who can spell "dissidents," NRA members, Ann Coulter, people who look like Ann Coulter, anyone who has never purchased a ticket to a Susan Sarandon/Tim Robbins movie, people who believe Michael Jackson wasn't murdered, people who believe Michael Jackson was murdered, anyone who knows all the words to the Star Spangled Banner, anyone who remembers Ronald Reagan, and, of course, me.

The Boy King went on to assure Americans that, yes, there will be sufficient boxcars to take us all East!

Wow! I hope I can get iPhone service and that they'll be serving snacks!


Frank W. James said...

Michael: It always 'tickles' me when some New Yorker or some other big city dude advises everyone to get a remote MOUNTAIN property and 'seeds' to grow crops to live off of.

the two things are mutually exclusive and if they weren't my farm would be at a higher elevation than your home.

Many of my neighbors here in my corner of the Corn Belt already have almost all of the things these ijits tell everyone to buy, but they aren't 'survivalists', They're FARMERS! (Who happen to like GUNS! and are used to dealing with power outages and other irregularities of modern life.)

Additionally, they already know how to live off the land because they do it on a professional basis....year after year.

And oh yeah, making a living from agriculture and the land ain't easy or I wouldn't have become a part-time gunwriter years ago.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Michael Bane said...

Frank...what's this I'm hearing about your GREAT sweet corn crop? I had local sweet corn tonight, but it wasn't all I had hoped. Do you ship out of state????

There's a certain humor to people who talk about "living off the land" up here near the Secret Hidden Bunker. The high meadows don't support a lot of diversity and the growing season is about 30 minutes long. Unless you have a strong preference for lodge-pole pine seasoned with juniper bush, the pickings are pretty thin. Still, we're pretty good at riding out grid failures, because they HAPPEN A LOT!

I once had to snowshoe into town when the beer ran out...it was brutal...


Rastus said...

So true Frank. And if they did have the land that could grow crops...they would probably not think about the water needed to keep it going or some malathion or Seven (or whatever newfangled approved bug getter is out there) to keep the bugs from eating it up....and oh, yeah..something to keep the coons, deer and other critters out from eating it. And, yes, I'm thinking more about southern gardens then big farms. One half acre down in South Louisiana can feed a family...two full growing seasons of corn, potatoes, squash, peas, beans, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, okra (one season for okra..they like it hot), carrots, beets, onions, strawberries (another single season crop) and many other goodies.

Just put tires on the old IH Cub tractor...ouch $650 had to have someone come to the house to install...and the electrical system...very minimal, but a bag full of parts and generator to drop in a box below ground level for EMP protection might go a long way, eh?

Tim Covington said...

The comments on growing food in the mountains remind me of why I am looking at land in the hills of Tennessee. With the persistent droughts we have been having in Texas, I'm liking Tennessee more and more.

Uno Mas said...


Looking forward to your column in the Chronicle! IMNSHO, there's a crying need to discuss training, drills, and performance tips for Cowboys looking to improve their competition scores. Your years of experience in IDPA, etc. should prove fertile ground, indeed.

Come on October!

SASS 80082

Drew Woods said...

Tim, if you move to Tennessee, can you do us a favor and convince some of these lefty Yankees to move out?

Here's hoping...

Unknown said...

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