Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fog, Hungry Ghosts & Dinner

If you're ever in Oshkosh, I can highly recommend dinner at Kodiak Jack's Steak & Seafood, if for no other reason that all the spectacular animal heads and mounts in the wall, although I have to say it felt weird while something goatish watched me eat my Alaska grilled fish special. They also had Moose Drool Beer, which isn't one of my all-time favorites, but, it'll do, pig.

besides, that's the beer they always serve ay the 5.11 Challenge outside of Billings, MT, where I'm headed now.

Was a strange and eerie drive from Oshkosh back to Milwaukee before dawn. There was thick swirly fog that felt like it was crawling with hungry ghosts escaped from the Second Realm, looking to fill their hollow existance. I suppose it's sort of a haphazard warrior's conceit that steel talismans and a tenuous connection to reality insures invisibility to hungry ghosts and assorted Oni. I'm not sure that's true, although if I'm going to be turned into human cheese curd by hungry ghosts, I'd prefer it not be in Wisconsin. I have an irrational fear of being reincarnated as a dairy cow and being forced to participate in "happy cow" commercials for all eternity.

Anyhow, I finally got to handle one of the S&W "Tactical" 8-shot .357 revolvers while I was talking to Performance Center majordomo Tom Kelly in Oshkosh. I have to say I haven't exactly been setting pennies and nickels aside to get one of these odd-looking beasties, but the balance is just superb...

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