Sunday, August 27, 2006

McCain on Guns...

...and I am so not looking forward to 2008! Here's a link from KnoxNews on Presidential hopeful John McCain's record on guns, which basically sucks hard. Bitter Bitch has a different spin:
McCain Going to Kiss Ass for the Gun Vote

I can’t say too much right now, but I thought you guys might be interested in this story about McCain hiring the former head of NRA-ILA, for his presidential run. The link goes to a post by Josh Sugarmann, head of VPC, which I think provides an interesting view from the other side.
I love Bitter because she pulls her punches, just like me.

McCain hired James Baker to help him convince us that he's not a quisling and a weasel, which, of course, he demonstrably is. Anyhow, read the Sugarman piece here at that blowhard Huffington's blogside. Remember that Sugarman is every bit as big a weasel as McCain.

I hope Johnny Boy like the taste of ass, because he's got a lot of kissing to do! What I don't like about McCain is that he wants to be President so bad he'd eviserate his grandmother and sell her entrails to voodoo doctors in New Orleans if he thought it'd give him a bump. It'd be harder to say who's the biggest whore, McCain or Hillary, although McCain is cuter and has better legs. Like I said I just can't wait until 2008!


Not Available said...

What does this say about James Jay Baker?

Anonymous said...

mb--the unfortunate way of the world---when a hero beomes a politician--too bad---dmd45

Anonymous said...

I used to respect Baker, but this just shows that some people would sell their own mother for enough money. This just makes me want to puke!

Anonymous said...

Baker will help deliver gun owners then McCain will turn his back on them to show the world how independent he is. The question then is what becomes of Baker? BTW, he also lobbys for the national shooting sports foundation so he'd be selling out both gun owners and makers.