Friday, August 11, 2006

The Full Story of my "New" Flat-Top!

You can read the full story of my Clements Custom Ruger Flat-Top over on the SHOOTING GALLERY site...I love this gun, and it is a masterpiece. I can't want to shoot it, sacriledge that it is.

Newswise, everything pretty much sucks, doesn't it? I feel trapped in the opening of far too many science fiction novels. I've upped my personal security level to Defcon 1, which means that I now clank when I walk.

I know it's necessary, but I didn't think flying could get any more unpleasant...


Anonymous said...

More unpleasant flying?

At Heathrow you can carryon your essential travel documents, critical meds and keys w/o electronic fob in a clear plastic bag. That's it.

I'm waiting for when the only permitted passenger garments will be clear plastic jumpsuits...

If you're lucky you can purchase a blindfold on board so you don't have to see the less glamorous passengers in their clear plastic jumpsuits.


Michael Bane said...

Personally, I think TSA should only search nuns and small children. Maybe elderly women in wheelchairs as well. I think young Middle Eastern men should be exempt from searches, since we don't ever want to be accused of profiling.

I've been reading "best face on it" articles that say stuff like won't it be fun to be unconnected by all that electronic gear? Yeah right, that's what they pay me for! Being OUT OF TOUCH!

And hey, I'm hopeful we adopt the Brit no-carry-on-anything rules, because my iPod and sound-cancelling earphones isolate me from teh wonderful real world of travel...screaming children, farting overweight middle seat monsters and flight attendants who apprenticed with Satan!

I'm looking forward to it!


PS...we're safer, right? That's how the Israelis do it, right? Oh, the Israelis profile the hell out of young Middle Eastern men and let nuns and children pass? Friggin' racists!j