Monday, August 28, 2006

Fun With the New Army Pistol!

Interesting e-mail from Mike O on Bloomberg News' story on the rollicking military pistol funnies:
Smith & Wesson Holding Corp., fresh from winning military contracts in Afghanistan, now wants a bigger prize back home: an Army deal worth as much as $500 million that would be its biggest defense order ever.

The largest U.S. handgun company, maker of the .44 Magnum popularized in Clint Eastwood's ``Dirty Harry'' movies, will bid on a contract to make about 645,000 of its .45-caliber pistols over the next 10 years, Chief Executive Officer Michael Golden said in an interview. Italy's Beretta Holding has the current Army contract, which expires next year.
Mike O corrected Bloomberg's number down to the SOCOM estimate of 50,000 rather than the Big Army number.

In all honesty, my cherubs and seraphim are reporting endless contradictory stories, which leads me to believe that the military bureacracy doesn't actually have a clue as to what it wants...FUBAR Time Again! AMERICAN RIFLEMAN reported in its current issue that the new specs might put the plain old 1911 back in the running, which is NOT what I'm hearing from all the pesky seraphim...I am hearing that some of the various pieces of SOCOM are losing patience with the endlessly delayed specs — remember, the shooter guys were expecting to get guns in their hand this November! — and they're looking at breaking off and just ordering pistols on their own.

Should such a schism happen, it's a virtual certainty that the teams will spec 1911 .45s, which would make the firearms industry virtually swoon with joy. Springfield and Kimber would certainly have the inside track with their existing military and government contracts, but S&W, Taurus and SIGARMS would be unlikely to sit on the sidelines with a SOCOM contract, however small, up for grabs.

And Glock...let us speak of Glock...Glock won't even talk to me about what they're cooking up in the back room for SOCOM, with orders coming directly from Herr Glock hisself. I take this to mean there IS INDEEDY something in the back room, probably the long=rumored Glock 1911 or the SOCOM variant...and Glock has old and very well established contacts in the shadow war community. Plus, Glock has the advantage of having never embarrassed anyone with a high rank in the military by jumping the gun on announcing something...oh! Did I say that out loud? Sorry!

BTW, nice thread on the SIG Forum about this week's episode of SHOOTING GALLERY with Bruce Gray.

BBTTWW, I just drove through should SEE Camp JonBenet! The street acorss from the Cop Shop is blocked while the Media Weasel Squad make yet greater fools of themselves than mean the whack-job didn't do it!!! We are so shocked!


Anonymous said...

S&W bid on the Dept. of Homeland Security contract too. They didn't even finish in the top 2 and that was for a .40S&W which presumably they know how to make. Entering the bid is one thing but winning it is another and in order to win you have to survive the test. S&W doesn't have the best track record there.

Patrick Sweeney said...

Any time you're dealing with the government, winning is as much luck and the stars as good product. You could have a perfect gizmo, and lose to a competitor who has their plant in the district of the Congressional charman on the relevant committee.

The trick is to knwo th eright people as much as have the right product.

Mike, if yoou're right, and SpecOps throws their hands up in disgust and buys 1911s, we won't see another type pistol on the cover of a magazine for the next three years.

Anonymous said...

A Glock 1911? Come on, Glock makes one of the best personal protection pistols on the market and they too are gonna jump on the 1911 bandwagon? Glock should just keep making Glock's and let all the other companies who are betting the farm on 1911's kill each other off attempting to sell the same product.

Anonymous said...

I don't think all of Beretta's Army contracts expire next year either. IIRC, the Army has IDIQ (indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity) contracts on up to 70,000 more M9s and up to 14 million more M9 mags.

Bob G. said...

Be nice to see an AMERICAN company win back the military bid for sidearms...S&W has a new CEO that used to work for Black & Decker, Kohler, and Stanley, and he's determined.

Granted it's not WHAT you know, but WHO you know that will untimately determine the "winner".

I did hear the new M&P in .40cal is S&W's front runner. Nice piece.

I wouldn't rule out the Walther/SW P990 in.40, or even the Springfield Armory XD40 (that bugger's been fried, frozen and run over w/o a jam after 20K rounds).

Gonna be interesting to see how this pans out.

I actually like the .45ACP round...slow, but gets the job done (as in knocks them off their feet & on their ass).