Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Michael B Rant!

Here's a little note on CBS News about what's on the big city police chiefs' minds these days at a Police Executive Research Forum briefing with Bush's DOJ guy Paul Nulty:
The first question went right to the heart of the Bush administration's policy on guns — and the fact that Congress "is making it harder for the police and ATF to track" them. The questioner begged McNulty's aid in making it easier to trace the guns, making the point that the problem is kids with guns and tracing them would make their partnerships work more easily.
Not directly related, but certainly in spirit...I posted this on The Gun Zone; shoulda posted it here first. The antecedents were about John McCain's gun problems and our propensity for reactive rather than proactive action:
Reactive's just fine as long as it's followed by crushing, overpowering force. Typically, the firearms industry (AKA, us) "swings like a girl," then waits to see what the other side does.

Granted, we made some accomplishments in the last 8 years — the pre-emption bill, the sunsetting of the AWB, the state successes on CCW — but we didn't NAIL those accomplishments in place. We had the votes, and in the beginning the momentum, to get a national reciprocity for CCW...we had the votes to ban future Bans...we had the votes to eliminate parts of the 1968 GCA and other onerous provisions of "feel good" gun laws...and we did...what? Friggin' duck habitat?

Congress is now so spooked that they're unwilling to ask the District Attorneys' offices in Chicago, New York and Boston to ABIDE BY FEDERAL LAW, ie, safe transit, and stop arresting travelers with firearms who inadvertantly get stuck in their cities!

We're lucky as heck that the gutless sacks of rat feces that pass themselves off as our "legislators" took time out from taking bribes and having their frankfurters fetted to pass legislation that makes it harder to suspend the 2nd Amendment in emergencies. Of course, it took an election year AND the NRA big gun held to their heads to pull it off.

The gun culture turned out big time for the vote in 2000 and 2004, and we should be given the BIG STUPID WEENIE AWARD for standing to the side and letting the people WE put in office run wild. Our organizations failed us big time!

And do any of us have any illusions what happens when the Dems are back running the store? I agree that the NEXT Ban won't sunset and will be much more carefully written — even flatworms learn from experience. Think the .50BMG will survive 6 years of Dems in power? Think we won't see a Big Brother-style expansion of Brady? Think we won't see nationwide shutdowns of public lands to shooting and no new ranges? You think that the National ID Card that the Homeland Security/TSA database nazis and the Dems want so very very badly won't be coded to include information on your firearms ownership?

Remember, it's only paranoia if they're not really after you.

Hysteria mode off!

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