Saturday, August 19, 2006

J.J. Racaza Wins Steel Challenge!

And it was a BLOODBATH of a match! Mickey Fowler and I ran out of synonyms for "crash," "disaster," "hit the wall," "train wreck," "ran over the edge," etc.

J.J. finally put it all together on the last stage, the brand spanking new Accelerator.

And no, we didn't give away the money...winning time was in the 82.6 second range.

here's the top 5:
1. J.J. Racaza
2. K.C. Escubio
3. Todd Jarrett
4. Max Michel
5. Dave Sevigny
6. B.J. Norris
Oh yeah, in a heartbreaking twist, Tasuya Sakai DQ'ed on EXACTLY the same stage he DQ'ed on last year, Outer Limits, popping a round about two feet from his right foot.

[NOTE: I originally omitted Glock's Dave Sevigny from the results because he did not shoot with the Super Squad, and those were the only official results available late yesterday afternoon when I left the range. The official results, whch showed Dave slipping past B.J., became available Sunday AM]


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