Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Greenies Press Antigun Campaign!

Rust isn't the only thing that never sleeps.

Apparently, the U.S. Forest Service Greenies are equally diligent in their campaign to rid the forests of firearms...these scumbags make Brady look downright friendly! I got this connection from a reader's e-mail, and it's happening right now in Oregon. Read the whole thing on the Airborne Combat Engineer blog, but here's the juicy parts:
"Frequent use of firearms ... for the purpose of intimidating other recreating public around heavily-used recreation sites has become a problem," states a news release issued last week by the Detroit Ranger District of the Willamette National Forest.

The release announced a new regulation prohibiting the "discharging of firearms, air rifles or gas guns" in specific areas within the ranger district.

"The primary reason basis for the firearm order is related to public safety, with a secondary concern for reducing vandalism and for the peace and tranquility of the setting," the news release said.

Rodney Stewart, recreation staff officer for the Santiam River Zone of the Willamette National Forest, said the intimidation factor referred to in the release is indirect in nature.

"They don't go directly up to somebody and aim a gun at them," Stewart said.

However, repeated rapid gunfire near a dispersed camping area is often enough to cause other people in the area to pack up and move, Stewart said.
Indirect intimidation? Think about this, folks...even the Violence Policy Center hasn't had the BALLS to suggest if the sound of gunfire makes one person queasy then everyone in the world needs to stop shooting!

And notice that the Greenies included air guns and gas guns in their "STOP SHOOTING!" program — guns that don't make any appreciable noise! They lie the way some people breathe — reflexively!

Based on this ruling and their continued nationally funded antigun agenda, the USFS has now stepped to the forefront as the SINGLE MOST DANGEROUS ANTIGUN ORGANIZATION IN AMERICA!

As I've said before...except as to the limits of the law, DO NOT COOPERATE with any Greenie for other than legal reasons. DO NOT VOLUNTEER to help any Greenie program, and DO NOT DONATE any money to any USFS program, no matter how innocuous it appears on the surface. Any money you donate to Greenies will be used to strip you of your rights under federal law to utilize the forest resource!

This is a national antigun campaign sanctioned from the very top. Until the Department of Agriculture steps up, or our legislative delegations start kicking some Greenie ass, we're going to be fighting one Green outbreak after another!

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