Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Now THIS is a Flashlight!

What's nine inches long, covered with knobs and runs off batteries?

Good heavens, you people make me sick with your disgusting thoughts!

No, not that...the answer is a flashlight, a SureFire to be sure. I snatched an illicit picture of this SureFire Meat Tenderizer at a product demo...it's nine or ten inches long and feels like a brickbat with sharp points.

And no, you can't have one! Yet...

It was a special run for a Chinese client, where apparently there are things that do more than go bump in the night. The SureFire guys said, OTOH, if enough people want to buy the SureFire CHUD*-Thumper, they'll make 'em and sell em.

Tell them you heard about it here!

Hey, these would be ideal for the hapless spelunking chicks in THE DESCENT!

(*Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller)


Anonymous said...

The Battery Looks like a gecko to me. May be a gecko that has gotten fat with all that bragging it does on behalf oF Gaico. No gecko will remain skinny after all that fame bestowed on it by Gaico. Originally when Gaico started it had an 800 number of which Gaico was a part. And gecko did not want any part of it. It asked people to leave it alone. Go to Gaico, not to Gekko. Now Gekko just loves to be a part of Gekko. Congratulations Gekko for looking like the new Kekko.

Anonymous said...

what color is the beam

Anonymous said...

Nice cheese grater look.
Added to a cheese grater AR handguard with all the bells, whistles, lasers and tactical FAX machine, you should be able to shred to ribbons anything you come in contact with...including your vehicle.
Does it come with gloves so you can actually handle it or are they extra?
Never mind...it's a SureFire.
There are no freebies from them.

Michael Bane said...

Aw c'mon! It's a white light, with an optional disco ball...my understanding is they're working on a companion MP-3 player/speaker system that allows karaoke on "I Will Survive" and "Disco Inferno."