Saturday, August 19, 2006

If You Must Belong to a Club...

...this is one heck of a club to belong to!

From last night's National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) party at the Steel Challenge World Speedshooting Championships, we made a great presentation to Mike Fichman and Mike Dalton, the creators of the Steel Challenge 25 years ago and the match directors for todays match — huge gold "SuperBowl" style rings, as befits the SuperBowl of the shooting sports!

From the left, Rob Leatham, Mike Fichman, Dan Buchanan (who conceived and spearheaded the Fellowship of the Rings project), Mike Dalton, Mickey Fowler and moi, who got to emcee the event. It's creepy, but I go back the full 25 years with those guys!

BTW, SHOOTING GALLERY challenge participant Phil Strader whomped up on the Big Boys in the Limited Match yesterday, with a beautiful performance on the new Steel Challenge stage, the Accelerator. It came down to a contest between Phil and speed demon J.J. Racaza; Phil snatched his victory on the last run!

You saw him first on SHOOTING GALLERY — of course — but you'll be seeing Phil everywhere pretty soon.

Today is the OUTDOOR CHANNEL/SIGARMS 80 Second Challenge...the first shooter to break 80 seconds picks up our check for a cooooooooooool $30,000. With stage primes and the $6000 winner's fee, the Fasted Gun Alive will take home around $40K!

SG puts its money where it's viewers are!


Not Available said...

Do you think TGO colors his hair? How come he didn't compete this year?

Anonymous said...

Somebody buy that man some socks !