Monday, August 21, 2006

Racing Toward the Weekend!

Actually, that's not true, but I thought it would get me pumped up on Monday morning.

I came home from California yesterday, then headed out on a 2-hour mountain bike ride. I was going to do a 50-mile road bike, but the weather up here looked ominous so we headed up on a knee-buster closer to home. This AM, the stairs seem like a challenge!
I came across, via InstaPundit, this discussion of using the phrase "victim disarmament" instead of the phrase "gun control." I like this and am going to try to incorporate it in my writing.

That link lead me to this fascinating discussion of the philosophical right to own firearms from Professor Michael Huemer at the University of Colorado — how the heck did he end up here in Planet Boulder? He also has a collection of scary Biblical quotes on his!

I also liked the Cathy Seipp's piece in the National Review on liberal it here.

Finally, I think I'm writing's hard to say. I'm thinking about writing again, which with me usually translates into words on paper. I might post another chapter of FIVE TO GO, my sequel to ALL NIGHT RADIO — which has been selling pretty well lately, thank you — later today. I was inspired by Matthew Bracken finishing the sequel to his ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC , titled THE RECONQUISTA, and his sage advice that if I got off my butt and wrote something I might conceiveably finish...

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Anonymous said...

Another synonym phrase for gun control is unilateral personal disarmament...