Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Quickie Before I Go To The Gym

Okay...the picture doesn't do this gun justice, but I wanted to get one up anyhow.

This is my 1950s-vintage Ruger .357 Flat-Top, come home this week from Dave Clements.

It is, in a word, magnificent!

I originally bought the gun for conversion to .44 Special to match my Hamilton Bowen custom. Some of the guys on the Sixgunner list lobbied hard for me to keep it in .357, which reminded me of the last conversation I had with my father before he died. We talked about gun, and I told him I'd sourced a Flat-Top like his.

"Gonna convert it?" he asked, and I said I was.

"Never seen anything a .44 Special could do that a .357 Magnum couldn't," he said; he never warmed up to the big bores. At the last minute, I decided to keep the gun as a .357 and have Dave build me a super-accurate Blackhawk as an homage to my father and his old Flat-Top. This is the finished gun...I'll have the whole story on the SG site in a few days, but I wanted to put up a pix!


Anonymous said...

Beautifull !!

Anonymous said...

very nice,Dave is making me one in .44 spl.

Anonymous said...

Good to see a nice 357 for a change. You Father's words are wise........Creeker