Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Designer Taser!

Named the "Bad Idea of the Year" at the 2008 CES," a designer Taser with an MP3 player! Actually, it shoots the little barbs into you and then plays a Paris Hilton album...Fashion with a bite indeed!


Anonymous said...

I think Crimson Trace should make up a set of laser grips with a dot that pulses to the beat.

Anonymous said...

I think that is one of the BEST ideas yet!! I wouldn't have done it in leopard print but the other colors are pretty good. At $425 including the MP3 player holster it is around the same price as a decent pistol and is legal for most that live in less than gun friendly states.

Anonymous said...

Don't Tase Me Bro!

The Remix

Anonymous said...

They do offer optional laser aiming device. Check their promo video said...

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Surely, the guy is totally just.

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