Thursday, January 17, 2008

THE SELL-OUT...John Lott Interview UP!

It's about 8:45PM Thursday and out DOWN RANGE Radio interview with John Lott is up. This is a wide ranging interview on the DOJ brief and the Fred Thompson campaign.

We have also burned an MP3 version that is being circulated in South Carolina by the Thompson campaign.

I'm pretty proud of this podcast. After talking to John, I profoundly hope this makes a difference...please, listen, and pass it on...


Anonymous said...

Well this should make for some interesting conversations in Las Vegas next month. I'd like to say that I'm surprised but I've never perceived W as anything other than Connecticut Yank posing as a Texan.

Other than Fred and Ron Paul, are there any candidates we can trust to stay firmly on the side of the Constitution?

With the stock market fading and the looming specter of stagflation reducing the rest of the economy to rubble, it's going to be tough for the gun makers without deep pockets to survive a hostile administration. While the more militant part of me would advise to stock up on ammo and reloading supplies, the more traditional side of me also advises to stock up on paper, pens and postage (or get comfortable with your email application) in order to provide a continuous reminder to your representatives and senators on both the state and federal level that as a gun owner, you vote your issues.

Anonymous said...


I'm throwing all 200 or so of my daily readers your way.

Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

tlI'm afraid we are seeing the tip of the iceberg. Fredheads ain't gonna vote if McCain, Romney, or Guiliani are the nominee. This will pave the way for a Dem prez, Dem pickups in Congress, and a new AWB in 2009. And more will follow, like "buy one gun a month" schemes.

Fred's ailing campaign indicates clearly that single issue Second Amendment voters don't have the clout to choose a nominee in the primary process.

Staying home to "punish" the GOP this Nov may have unintended and unforseen consequences.

If the Supremes rule against an individual rights interpretation it is all over. Gun rights will be eroded gradually over a few decades and the sheeple will never notice.