Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Podcast Up!

The weekly podcast is up over at DOWN RANGE! You can listen to it, of course, by clicking on the player abovie, or go to iTunes and subscribe. You can also listen to Marshal Holloway's Cowboy Action Radio podcast, which is getting rave reviews!

This week I wax poetic about Max Brooks' great zombie novel World War Z, the oral history of the Zombie Wars. Man, Mr. Brooks can won't be able to put this book down!

I also have an excellent interview with professional shooter Todd Jarrett, and a review of the new Para USA "Super Hawg" 6-inch high-capacity 1911 .45, which I really liked. I'm going to go up top my office and upload a bunch of Super Hawg photos to the blog and the Articles section og DOWN RANGE. We'll also be putting up some video shooting tips from Todd.

I've also decided to move all the political discussion off the blog over to the DOWN RANGE Forums, into the Gun Owners for Fred Forums — and NO, you don't have to limit your discussions to Fred (especially after last night).

Here's a little tidbit from Reason Online in Gun World that annoyed me...the NFL and the NBA take an increasingly harder antigun stance:
Unfortunately, officials in the NFL and the NBA increasingly take a paternalistic attitude toward their athletes. For years, the NFL and the NBA have attempted to distance players from firearms. Some would argue these policies are aimed at a culture that celebrates the criminal use of violent weapons, but the effect is pretty clear: The leagues would rather their players put themselves at risk than protect themselves with guns.
I had a long and really excellent talk with new NRA President John Sigler yesterday. He's right on point, and I think I'm going to get him on the podcast sometime very soon. One thing he said really struck me. "Whomever gets elected," Sigler said, "we'll survive. We survived 8 years of Clinton 1 and constant attack...we'll survive whatever they throw at us." Amen to that!

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