Thursday, January 10, 2008

Great Response to Reuters Article

Say Uncle did a really nice job on this:
Bernd Debusmann writing at Reuters notes that gun culture in the US is fading. And by notes I mean re-prints Violence Policy Center propaganda. In fact, here’s a link to their study. And by study, I mean a reprint of data from other sources. But it beats their usual method of calling Google searches studies.


James said...

I've never believed that "gun ownership is dying" nonsense. I see people in my age range (18-25) hunting and shooting all the time. I have scores of friends that would have guns of their own if they had the money.

I'll give it to the Communists and Fascists over at the VPC and Brady Campaign, this propaganda campaign is crafty. But it ain't gonna work.

Anonymous said...

I think that there could be something to this. The east and west coast population are essentially moving towards a "guns are icky" attitude. On a percentage basis, there are less people in the military now and it seems that fewer officers are gun enthusiast (fewer and fewer boys are even in the boy scouts on a percetage basis). Most of the non-rural gun enthusiast I know that are not not Military or Police had family that were. As less metro citizens are introduced to the gun culture, we can only expect to see a decline. I think this is one of the reasons the NRA really needs to keep pushing on those female and youngster events and promotions.

Anonymous said...

Note the rise of the "Urban Socialist"! We're seeing this now in America, but other countries have been "at it" for some time. There, emasculation of there male poulation is in full effect. Yep, as politically incorrect as this may sound, self-defense, hunting and guns have always been a masculine thing. That isn't to say that women aren't welcome here. On the contrary, they should play a role equal to us. But, over there, they have not and most of the population seems to have de-evolved into a herd of steers, not even sheep. You know the type: "The government will provide for and protect us." and "Why are my taxes so high?".

Anonymous said...

Here's another refutation.