Friday, January 04, 2008

Thompson '08 Rolls On!

Hey, it's the morning after Iowa and we're still here! Fred's still here...fake conservative Romey takes a whipping...

Mo' latah!


Anonymous said...

Fredheads need to wake up to a dose of reality. Fred is toast, biscuits, finished. You act as if you are proud of his "I beat McCain by a few votes third place finish".

Anonymous said...

I agree fully--fred is gone--no fire for the job--he does not want it enough to generate any enthusiasm for his candidacy--so long fred--we'll miss you!! dmd

Anonymous said...

Yet, he's still in the race.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I have to agree with "dmd45". I just don't see the "fire in his belly". He's been acting as if he's got the election in the bag, "just because". He seems to struggle to even get a thought across, let alone defend his record and position. His record "should" be a good one (!/?).
Michael, if you have any say with him, on his committee, please convey this message. He needs to see how he's being viewed at the "grass roots" level.
Life Member

Anonymous said...

Gee do you think maybe Fred can get Britney to endorse him?

Anonymous said...

Someone said..."He needs to see how he's being viewed at the "grass roots" level."

Well, the "grass roots" level sees him with high esteem. We don't need a candiate who jumps up and down shouting he is best candidate. At the "grass roots" level we judge a candidate by what he's done and what he says he'll do.

Have the other candidates offered detailed statements on the war, government, immigration, taxes...? No. Fred has.

Think for yourself, stop reading the MSM and the political pundits.

Anonymous said...

Fred Thompson is not "still here". There is not a single upcoming race where Fred has a chance. Most Fred supporters have realized this and are now waiting to see who wins.

You hardcore Fredheads are starting to come across like the kook Ron Paul supporters.

Stop drinking the kool aide.

Unknown said...

Anon, et. al.

Then, prey tell, who are we supposed to get behind in this race? Rudy? Mitt?

It boils down to this...

If Fred or Paul lose, we all lose.

Unknown said...

(rant on)

Maybe it's the screaming headache or the cold medication, but I'm a little peeved.

We are doing what the gun culture is so bloody good at.. bitching to each other about how bad things are and not doing a damn thing about it.

Here's an idea, rather than complaining to we gun people about how "not fired up" Fred is, why don't you work on the undecided voters?

It's easy to mope and whine, it's harder to stand up for your OWN rights and not rely on the amount of belly fire from someone else.

Do us a favor, stop complaining and help out.

OK... That's it, no more Sudafed and blogging... Bad juju.

(rant off)

Anonymous said...

If Iowa means anything, the top three candidates are Huckabee, Romney, and Thompson. And Romney is on the way out... I expect Romney to be buried by something brewing. He will fall in NH, and while McCain will win, that win will be tarnished by the Romney implosion. It will be a "win by default" rather than a "win by succeeding."

Then Romney will drop out before Michigan, which McCain will win by default - meaning McCain's two wins will amount to nothing.

Meanwhile, Huckabee will not fare well in either NH or Michigan.

Granted, Thompson and Giuliani won't fare well, either. But they aren't supposed to.

On to SC. Huckabee's huckabubble will huckaburst. He is not a good conservative and he will start being the primary target of every other candidate's attacks. He will not do well in NH or Michigan, losing his Iowa momentum. Fred then can take advantage of Huck's new weakness and win SC.

On to Super Tuesday... Fred is the one with momentum. Huck's win is forgotten. McCain's wins are hollow. Giuliani is still not really tested. Fred can actually win, as the only real conservative against a very divisive Giuliani.

Yes, it is a longshot (and the Romney bomb might be a dud, but my insiders are pretty confident it will be a campaign killer). But I can remain optimistic.

Now, as for Fred's "fire in the belly..."

PUH lease. Get some new talking points. That dog don't hunt. Fred is campaigning to serve as President, to lead America, not to BE President.

You want fire in the belly? Go vote for Hillary. Fred is serious about this campaign. He gave up big money contracts on radio and tv. He is putting his beautiful wife and two young kids through campaign hell. You don't do that if you don't want the job. So try coming up with some other bullet statement on Fred.

Meanwhile - if you want to actually support the Second Amendment while reducing government and keeping America safe and strong, there is only one clear choice: FRED THOMPSON.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that you are correct--because we all need
Fred--for the Country, for Freedom, and for the 2nd Amendment--dmd

Anonymous said...

Until Fred officially removes himself from the race, Ill stick to my guns and support him.

My position on the matter.

Anonymous said...

A very novel approach would be to listen to understand, rather than defend your own beliefs about the subject. Fighting amongst ourselves isn't the answer. Building fred Thompson up is the objective.

Anonymous said...

You complain that Fred isn't an ego-maniac slobbering to get into job that takes 10 or more years off your life?
He's the only SANE-honest candidate running.
AND I tell that to everyone that I talk too ~ ; - )

Anonymous said...

I don't know what planet you guys are on. Is this the result of the Internet world? Maybe not wearing hearing protection on the range? The views expressed above are sooo delusional that it makes me really wonder. Fred LOST in IOWA. McCain didn’t even show up in the state and tied with Fred. Huckabee contrary to what the Huck haters are saying is a conservative. Huck has the BEST record on 2nd amendment rights. He brings up 2A rights and gun owners in MSM interviews. He made better a state that the Clintonista’s left in a disastrous shape. He proved his executive abilities. I have nothing against Thompson but he admitted the other day that he has no interest in campaigning for the job. He quit the Senate. Great, just what we need a quiter. Rumors from HIS camp are that he will withdraw after NH. He has NO ability to motivate an audience. Look what he did in front of the NRA seminar in the fall. Sorry but the job of President requires LOTS of interaction with US citizens, the Congess and World leaders. Does Fred expect to be anointed to the post? Finally he has NO MONEY. At least Ron Paul can raise money.

If he can’t even get out of bed for a lousy primary in NH I judge that he ain’t the guy. Pick your horse, but if he can’t get out of the gate I wouldn’t continue to bet on him. If you want to build a grotto to him on your lawn or have the secret room in your house with the pictures and Ken dolls dressed up to look like him in "red october" fine. Just don't think that the real world thinks the same way.

The idea that Fred has the big mo is just soooo wrong.

Anonymous said...

Well, Fred just lost another one. Romney wins in Wyoming.

Anonymous said...

Fred is also dodging the media. he has even "snubbed" Fox News, the only place where he will get asked questions that will help get his message across.
I'm covinced, he doesn't want it. He got into it late, hasn't shown-up and is hiding under his desk!

Anonymous said...

Then you get the dingbats explaining away Freds poor performance because doesn't really want to be President but he thinks its his civic duty. Get real. That does not explain his extremely poor performance. The only reason he is running anyway is because his trophy wife wants it more than he does. Oh and btw if you haven't figured it out already the Republicans stand NO chance of winning. 8 years of Bush made sure of that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Duncan Hunter came in third in Wyoming ! Maybe he can surge ahead to a win on Super Tuesday. Has he got the big mo going?

Anonymous said...

A personal note to Anonymous.

You have never met me, nor have I you.

Yet you feel the need to insult me and others like me who have the commitment to support someone seriously.

Yes Fred has NOT, so far, won any of these primaries. He has won third place on the first and, I have heard announced on the radio, he took second in the second.

Deal with the reality that the game is NOT over yet and it is still EARLY

OH, and before I forget, grow up and acquire some manners.

Anonymous said...

As to the rumor that was floated on the morning of the Iowa caucuses that Fred would bow out on Friday and give his support to McCain, it has been traced to the Romney campaign.

Color me not surprised.

I think NH will be a wakeup for the Huckster as the folks there tend not to be nanny-states. And as a former governor of New Hampshire put it so quaintly, "The People of Iowa pick corn, The People of NH pick Presidents."

Anonymous said...

Anon @9

NH will be picking McCain. And Huckster is likely to come in 3rd.

Do not underestimate Huckster. The last time a candidate wore his religion on his sleeve the faithful voted for him in droves. Remember Smiling Jimmy? Huckster is an honest to goodness Preacher Man. This alone will help him carry SC and much of the South.

Fred as a candidate excites no one. He is not going to win a single contest. John Kerry was man enough to admit his defeat in 2004. Fredheads need to man up and admit that Fred isn't going to make it.

Anonymous said...

Huckabee actually supports a National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act - which is a positive postion for our side. Further in the latest national poll he is tied with McCain for top honors.

On top of that he actually has some polls reporting him in first place in Michigan and South Carolina and after Romney gets burned in NH, it may just be a shoot out between Huckabee and McCain.

Unless you are some old school fiscal conservative and CEO making 500k a year, I see no reason not to back Huckabee over the other candidates.

He is pro gun 100% (1 of 2 candiadate, Richardson being the other, with a CWP) pro middle class social conservative.

Huckabee's populist position is the only one that can match Obama's in the upcoming election (and thus maybe pull indy support back to the conservatives). I love Thompson as well, but the numbers are not there for him.

Gullyborg said...

it is true that Huckabee would, if elected, be good for the Second Amendment.

problem is, he can't get elected.

of all the GOP candidates, he consistently fares the worst in hypothetical matchups agains the democrats. he loses to Obama by 20 points.

yes, the faithful will turn out for him. but this is different from Carter. when Carter ran, he was running against the man who pardoned Nixon in an era when Republicans had far lower approval than even in 2006. and, he was working against the trend of religious candidates to be Republican.

the religious voters today are almost all planning on voting GOP no matter what. Huckabee adds nothing to the equation. but secular voters who like fiscal conservatism and social liberalism could bail the GOP and vote for a third party or even Obama.

if we nominate Huckabee, we lose, and that means Obama is picking SCOTUS justices who will gut the Second Amendment.

Is that what we want?

Fortunately, I believe Huckabee will crash and burn soon. He won't do well in NH, and McCain will start winning. The GOP base hates McCain, and the non-evangelical voters hate Huckabee. With a split like that, whoever can survive as the "neither Huck nor McCain" choice will ultimately win the nomination - even if it means brokered convention.

As long as Fred can keep a campaign alive through Super Tuesday, he can be that man. But if we lose hope and give up on him now, we are essentially endorsing President Giuliani - a guy I admittedly like, but he is not a great choice for gun rights.

So by all means, continue supporting Fred as enthusiastically as you can until he either wins or concedes.

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