Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our Enemies Celebrate THE BUSH SELL-OUT

This from the Huffington Post; of course, we're all familiar with Mr. Helmke, the man who makes Norwegian rats look good!
More evidence emerged this month that the gun debate is turning a corner in America.

Only days after signing the first gun control legislation in over a decade, the Bush Administration has now disavowed the most extreme outcomes implicit in the gun lobby's view of the Second Amendment.

In its brief in the D.C. v. Heller case pending in the U.S. Supreme Court, the Bush administration acknowledges that because of the "unquestionable threat to public safety that unrestricted private firearm possession would entail" that "various categories of firearm-related regulation are permitted by the Second Amendment."

The Brady Center welcomes this surprising development. It demonstrates the problem with the "private purpose" interpretation of the Second Amendment. This view might have sounded good politically to the Ashcroft Justice Department [pdf], but now the Bush administration realizes that the lower-court decision could "cast doubt on the constitutionality of" common-sense gun control laws like the "federal machine gun ban," the restrictions on firearm possession by felons, and the licensing of gun dealers.
May George Bush find his true place in history, with the other quisling scoundrels, carpetbaggers and traitors.


Anonymous said...

This proves what kind of guy Bush is. I have defended this guy several times the past 8 years, but no more. And the current crop of Republican nominees are no different. I think it is time to vote Libertarian. They are 100 percent pro-gun and make no bones about it.

Anonymous said...

I am starting to loath Bush. I hope that Jesse Ventura runs for president. I don't know his stance on guns but it would be entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Like I said earlier Bush just took the whole 2nd Amendment issue and gun ownership clear out of political play for the other side. We are now faced with anti-gunners on both sides of the ailse and few other options.

Just Great!?!

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Anonymous said...

Don't throw your vote away! Any of the Republicans are better than any of the Democrats. And we all know that the "fringe" candidates have NO HOPE of being elected. Worse yet, voting for anyone other than an "R" is a vote in the pocket of some "D".

Anonymous said...

No, when the Rs and Ds are just different shades of the same evil, then the only thing to do IS vote your conscience for a third party.

Third parties don't HAVE to remain irrelevant if people actually vote for them.

They may never win, but if they siphon off enough mainstream support, the mainstream is forced to change. Look at what Nader did in 2000: he helped elect a "may as well be a democrat" in GWB, so he really didn't "ruin" things for the liberals. But, he DID make the D party shift further to the left, to keep him from repeating the problem in 2004.

Now, the Ds are running the show - and they are doing so with a more liberal platform.

So the people who voted for Nader actually got a lot of what they wanted with their "protest" vote.

We can do the same thing in the other direction. We just have to be ready to abandon the GOP and force them to move rightward in response. We get Hillary for a term or two - but you know what? We survived 8 years of Clinton before and we can do it again. We can support a libertarian platform that embraces our individual rights, and force the GOP to get back to the notion of limited government.

We may lose in 2008. But the GOP will win back Congress in 2010, just as it did in 1994, when the people see what an all D government does (again). And the Rs who win in 2010 will be Rs who had to run further to the right in response to pressure from people like us.

We HAVE to stand for our principles, or we lose the battle forever.

Anonymous said...

Compromise only where it will benefit you.

The definition of compromise is in essence "giving up something to get something else."

When you support Rs that are as bad as Dems on key issues, that only shifts the debate away from where you want it to be.

The Republican party was once a third party. It didn't take but a few election cycles for them to land a Presidential win (and we all know who that was, right?).

If the Republican party loses enough backing, we will end up with a series of additional parties that are appropriate for our own political philosophies. Or, the Republican party, rather than "staying the course," could very well end up fulfilling its alleged core platform, which hasn't been done in some time.

Remember - we may be divided on individual issues and candidates, but we're easily united in opposition to other issues and candidates. The Republican party was strong during the days of the Clinton administration! Look at everything they blocked successfully. We all survived. Failing and regrouping is better than backing a "win" by an enemy.

Anonymous said...

Long story short, I was an Air Force Academy cadet in 1992. I had dreams of going to pilot training. Ross Perot threw a wrench in the works. He pulled votes away from George the First. Instead we ended up with Klinton as Prez even though he didn't even earn a simple majority (51%) of the popular vote. IIRC, he might have had a high 30 or a low 40 % of the popular vote.

I didn't get a pilot training slot and I have been disgruntled and cynical about it ever since.

There is no way in Hades I would vote for a third party after what I went through in '92.

If and only if a third party candidate looked like he/she would win 51+% of the popular vote would I vote for him/her.

BUT!! That person could still loose the electoral college.

If the Feds weren't so in control of the purse strings many states depend on, I'd like to see some states threaten to secede from the Union if new anti-gun or anti-2A bills were about to become laws.

Yeah, like that'll happen...

rolling eyes

Anonymous said...

Finally, some Republican gunners have come to realize what a liability bush is. For almost 8 years it seems like I've been the voice crying in the wilderness. Finally the slimy bastard has shown his true colors.

A Libertarian vote would be wholly symbolic since no Lib has a snowball's chance of getting elected to a serious political office. Every vote for a third-party candidate takes one vote away from the Republicans and increases the Dem's margin of difference by one, since no Dem will ever vote Lib. I despise Shrub Jr. and his gang of sell-out weasels, but I will still vote for a Republican president.

Anonymous said...

You can count me in on the loathing department! When Bush first took office there was a ray of hope with the attorney generals declaration that the second ammendment was in fact for the people not the states.

Now with the latest filing of the DOJ in the Heller case I wonder just what side this forked tounged devil is realy on!

An American Jingoist