Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Genuine Southern Biscuits

So I got up bright and earlier this morning and makde my Sweetie genuine Southern buttermilk biscuits, interestingly enough using one of Alton Brown's recipes rather than my grandmother's recipe. Sorry, Big Mama, wherever you are...I didn't have any lard.

I did modify the recipe somewhat, but I won't tell you how or why! This is a gun column, after all.

I have to decide where to go from here on politics...I know I've said I'm going to stay home, but I'm probably incapable of that. At this point, I'm thinking of who might actually be able to beat the Dems...


Anonymous said...

I suggest you worry about which candidate might back gun rights rather than "who can WIN". I don't see a difference if Rudy or Romney get elected. Romney has already said he would BAN "assault weapons". Would you FEEL better about a gun BAN if a "R"epublican did it rather than a dimorat? Given that choice, I'll not vote for Romney or whatever dim.

Anonymous said...

So, thinking about folding and voting for evil anyways, huh?

We will never gain respect if we don't stand on our principles and refuse to support those who abandoned us.

Unknown said...

Not voting helps no cause.

I agree with fiftycal that all the mainstream candidates are the same. A wasted vote IMHO.

As I've championed on the DRTV forum, a third party protest vote is the answer.

We could never do it before, because it would take votes away from the semi-pro-gun people.

This election, however, has no mainstream remotely pro-gun people.

Gunnies... we've already lost this election. We need to vote third party (and I don't care which one) and let the national GOP know they cannot automatically win the gun vote just because their candidate is .000000000001% less anti gun that the Democrat.

Vote Paul, vote Libertarian, vote Green, vote Reform, vote Cylon, vote Scientologist....

Just don't vote mainstream and don't waste your vote by sitting on it.

Anonymous said...

Tell me you used buttermilk.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that Don noticed the important part of that post.

Anonymous said...

I want to see pictures of this "sweetie".

So when do I get to purchase my very own "Shooter's Biscuits" franchise?

Michael Bane, "Shooter's Biscuits" CEO


Anonymous said...

As far as getting a Republican to beat the Dems, maybe we would be better off getting the Dems to beat each other.

If this "Bush's lies led us to war" scandal gets enough attention, maybe we can get the Dems to try to impeach Bush/Cheney before November AND hope that it backfires on the Dems... ala Ken Starr and Monica-gate.

Maybe enough Republican legislators would get voted into Senate and House seats to counteract the effects of a Dem in the White House.

The only other strategy I could offer up for the Republicans is to get Condoleeza Rice to run as VP on whoever the Republicans pick as their Presidential nominee.

The downside to her is that I don't think she has enough time and distance between her and the Bush administration to really pull that off.

Although, it could still pull some Afro-American and some (white/latino?) woman voters to the Republican side.


Yeah, Michael, let's seem some pics of your sweetie. It's like two or three of posts in a row mention your sweetie.

How about some pics from your day off when you all headed to the slopes?

Anonymous said...

Vote! Vote! Vote! Never give up! If we do, we'll hand the election over to the Dem's, which is what they're expecting.
When the Repub's voted for Perot in the 90's, "To send a message to the GOP", they handed the presidency over to Clinton. The only good side to that affair was that the GOP ruled the House AND Senate and those election made that stronger. We don't have that luxury today. If we can't hold the presidency by voting for the GOP candidate, we lose it all.
I'm a multiple-issue voter, whose top issue is my Second Amendment Freedom! Government can't create jobs! Government won't solve the alledged "healthcare issue"; they will only make it worse!
I'll still vote GOP here, BUT I want to work to get the best GOP candidate. Huckabee is out of money, according to a few sources, but he can and did swing votes. He made agood showing. Fred might be a good VP running mate for him. How can we strengthen Huck's campaing and get Fred to move over there?
Life Member

Anonymous said...



He can win big, and can help retake the House.

If we have the House, there is no gun control legislation in the pipe.

We need to keep up the Fred support, even if he isn't a candidate. Talk him up as VP, as Attorney General, even as a SCOTUS appointment.

Make it clear to Romney that we only support him as long as he lives up to his newfound pro-gun attitudes and doesn't let his new NRA membership lapse.

(I know he bought a life membership - it's an attempt at humor).

I love Condi Rice. I mean, LUUUURVE her. But I don't think she wants the VP job. If I was Romney, and won the nomination, I'd still ask her first, though. If she says yes, then immediately tell Fred he has his pick of AG or SCOTUS if elected and get him out there talking up conservatism on the trail.

Keep active with congressional and local races. If SCOTUS rules poorly in the DC case, then every election matters, not just the White House.

And... don't be afraid to support pro-gun democrats. The GOP needs to know it has no free pass with us. If every NRA member had reregistered as a democrat and actively supported Bill Richardson, he just might be the frontrunner now.

If the nominee isn't Romney, who appears to be the least evil at this point, then... well... then we need to reevaluate the situation once we know who all the players are. If Obama is the nominee, all hell could break loose. If it's Obama and McCain... I shudder to think.

So let's just hope HRC wraps up her side, and let's get behind Romney for now as the best alternative.

Anonymous said...

Romney can't win except in a state with a high percentage of Mormons or a state where his dad was governor.

Romney flip flops too much and decided to be a conservative in order to run for president. That's not the kind of guy we need.

Rudy is a disaster for us. He, like Romney, would sign another ban.

McCain ends up being the guy. He's not the best but Fred's out, Huckabee's campaign is broken down on the side of the road. Ron Paul is, what's the term, a whack-job. Romney and Rudy are in a race to see who will go to the Rose Garden and sign a bill banning [insert gun type here].

So, with no where to go, we have John McCain. At least with him we got a guy who is pro-defense, know national security better than the rest of the field, and isn't into government waste. His only bad vote is on the gun show stuff. The McCain/Fiengold bill hurt the big organizations and not the average gun owner.

We are going to have to live with McCain, or subject ourselves to further anti-gun measures.

Anonymous said...

Romney is a disaster. He'd ban assault rifles in a heartbeat. There's no question of that. He only joined the NRA in time to run for president. Is that the kind of guy we want. You like me know because you want to be president? Didn't we go through that with Bush Sr.?

Romney? What the hell?

Unknown said...

Seriously, the GOP has boned us to the point we're trying to rationalize Mitt Romney as a "good" candidate.


Anonymous said...

My thought is to write in Fred's name even though he's out of the race. Perhaps if enough people did that, it might send the right message--maybe moreso than not voting at all?

Dave Lencioni

Anonymous said...


Michael Bane said...

Of course I used buttermilk!
I also asked the McCain campaign if the Senator would care to comment on my "Litmus Test:"

• No "assault weapons"/capacity, any kind of ban whatsoever
• No lawsuits of any kind against the gun industry
• Presidential support for nationwide reciprocity on CCW

I pointed out that Fred answered the questions...


Anonymous said...

Vote McCain: He's not the best choice, but he can stop Pure Evil for 4 more years.

(Romney is a horrific candidate.)

Anonymous said...

Even if we luck into getting a pubbie in office in November, we will be fighting a holding action for the next four years.

I think that if Mitt gets in, he will realize that the only way he stays in is to not piss off 20 million gun owners.

Folks, I just can't trust McCain NOT to do the wrong thing. He's no better than Bob Byrd and Jay Rockefeller who are going to do what they want to do because they get up every single morning having the belief that they know what is best for us more than we do.

We can bargain with Mitt to leave us alone...and I think he is probably fine as national security is concerned..We all know he's probably as good a fiscal conservative as we are apt to get on this side.

Let's roll the dice, take a chance and get behind him. I wasn't for him in the beginning and wouldnt be now if it werent for the fact that Fred is out.

Another thing about McCain. I can't help but think that if the national news media really REALLY likes him, then maybe there's something bad about the guy.

Anonymous said...

There is still another scenario that no one has mentioned and that is Fred as the VP. Remember the VP sits in the head chair in the Senate and usually casts the tie-breaking vote.

If Fred were the VP candidate and held true to the convictions he has pronounced that could be a good thing for us.

SOOOOO, if someone in the Republican party has half a brain (and I know that's asking for a LOT) it could be McCain and Fred as the ticket we could all possibly live with.

Just a Thought, All the Best,
Frank W. James

Anonymous said...

Alton Brown? I watched an Iron Chef where the dumb SOB couldn't identify country ham. The Chef who was competing, corrected him and said it was a country ham from Ky. If Alton Brown didn't know that you don't need to be using the dumb son of a bitche's recipe!

Didn't McCain vote AGAINST the AWB?

How did McCain vote on the "don't sue gunmakers" legislation?

Piss on Romney. He has already stated he would sign an AWB.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous@8:16,

Don't be dissin Alton. You know all hams look alike.

Pete said...

Huh, I thought this was a post about biscuits! I guess I misread it based on the comments.

Anyway, Michael, don't worry about using AB's recipe instead of your grandmother's. If you saw the episode where he makes the biscuits, he uses a different recipe from his grandmother's too. Actually he had his "Me-maw" on making her's side-by-side with him making his.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness to Alton, when he made that mistake he was looking at a chef being badly filmed and displayed on a small PC monitor, while trying to look at several other monitors, and talking, with someone else talking into his earpiece.

I'm sure at some point your momma called you by the dog's name. That shouldn't stop you from using her secret recipes.

As for the race:

Mitt is OK. He is young, pliable, and panders to his base. That means the gun lobby can control him. Put someone like Fred Thompson or Duncan Hunter on his ticket, to provide "senior guidance" on controversial issues, and he should be better than any democrat. And... if we win back the Congress, none of this will matter. Gun bans start in Congress. If the Senate is closely divided, a VP like Thompson or Hunter could break any ties in favor of gun owners. And in the House, members tend to be more partisan, more extreme, because of gerrymandered "safe" districts where you don't need to be a moderate to win. That means a GOP House, even with a small majority, will be solidly pro-gun - even if the Senate isn't.

So yes, we need to back the GOP, we need to win back Congress, especially the House, and we need to run a candidate who can win the White House. I think Romney, with his money and organization, has the best chance of winning - especially if he has a good conservative running mate to keep us folks onboard.

McCain would still be OK, but more of a problem than Romney.

McCain/Feingold? HELLO!

Gun show bills? HELLO!

And... he is NEVER going to allow any outside groups to influence him when he has made up his mind. That isn't always a good thing - like when his mind is made up wrong. He would have no issue "standing up" to the NRA. In fact, since the only people he can ever be counted on to pander to - liberal media - would love him more if he DID stand up to the NRA, we could probably count on him to do just that.

So Romney. Not the best, but far from the worst. And as long as we keep the pressure on him to satifsy the needs of gun owners, to protect our individual rights, he should do ok. We just need to always remember the betrayal of GWB and never get complacent just because he is an R and pays us some lip service. Next time something like this case comes up, we need to assume President Romney would do the worst, and use all our tools to persuade him of the right path before he acts.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that Rudy will be out after Super Tuesday, which is not just a good thing, but a GREAT thing. Mitt's an awful lot like Rudy. He's saying whatever it takes to get elected but once in office, I'm sure he'll interpret the unitary executive theories espoused by the current occupant to mean that those of us who believe in the Constitution will just have to suck it up and give up their guns.

I shudder to think of Hillary with the precedence of the unitary executive letting her do as she pleases. We'll be hunted down in a remaking of America that would make the Inquisition look like a tea-party.

The only candidate I've seen who polls favorably against Hillary is McCain. His biggest problem is the GOP establishment has decided they'd prefer Rudy or Mitt over McCain or Huckabee. Currently, the GOP is split three ways, which is obviously a recipe for disaster. Couple that with the enormous amount of GOP retirements from the House and Senate and we're going to spend the next four years fighting to hold the ground we've gained.

I'm predicting a McCain/Huckabee ticket against a Clinton/Obama ticket in the grand finale. But no matter who gets elected, as gun-owners we need to be prepared to spend the first term writing letters to the editor, our state and local representatives, and our congressional representation.