Sunday, January 27, 2008

Light Blogging Alert!

This is the week leading up to the SHOT SHOW in Vegas, and I'll be busy as Bill Clinton at a girls' school graduation! Don't expect a huge amount of blogging this week. The DRTV plan at SHOT is to get as much information up as quickly as we can...allegedly, we have access to a T-1 commercial pipe, plus whatever setup we can get going at the hotels.

We'll be running two video crews on the floor — one with me and/or Marshal Halloway; the other with the Marshal-ette — Teresa — and veteran SG & COWBOYS videographer Mark Jury. We also have digital still photography capabilities in case the pipelines aren't wide enough to move as much video as we'd like. I plan to do several — the initial plan is for one each day of the four-day SHOW (Saturday-Tuesday) — podcasts on the new products, trends and other things that catch my attention.

We also know that, as Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke said, "No operation plan extends with any certainty beyond the first encounter with the main body of the enemy." We'll adapt and overcome!

I will be signing autographs at the OUTDOOR CHANNEL booth in the Gold Hall a week from Sunday at 11 AM...I'll also be in and out of the OC booth many times a day, so you can leave me messages there. I'd love to meet and thank as many of you as I can!


Not Available said...

Do you plan to interview the Barbie Twins?

Anonymous said...

I hope John Mccain will REALLY stand up to all his claims with support of the 2nd amendment:

Anonymous said...

Ha--remember McCain-Finegold and that McCain wants to close the "gun show loophole"!! Lots of luck for our 2nd Amendment rights! under JMc!! dmd