Wednesday, January 16, 2008

THE SELL-OUT...Outstanding Column from Sandy Froman

This is a must-read column from former NRA President Sandy Froman on the site:
Each presidential candidate must speak out on this brief. The Justice Department has not gone far enough to support the fundamental rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment, and so those who aspire to lead our nation must step up and call on the Supreme Court to affirm the judgment of the DC Circuit striking down the ban.

This is a chance for all the GOP candidates to show what they’re made of, distinguishing themselves from the Democrats. With Bill Richardson out of the race, the remaining Democrat candidates all have an “F” rating from the NRA.
The OSG brief calls on the Court to have the DC Circuit decide the case over again using a lesser standard of protection for the Second Amendment. That would be a defeat for gun owners. And such a rehearing would delay a Supreme Court pronouncement on the Second Amendment for at least a year. With several Supreme Court vacancies likely during the next president’s term, it’s becoming all too clear that the Second Amendment is at stake in this election.
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