Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well Hell...

I've been working like a crazy person all week, and every night I have nightmares about the SHOT SHOW and not being able to get everything done.

We just hired veteran videographer/lunatic Mark "I'm the NRA" Jury full-time for DRTV at SHOT, adding yet another video team for us on the floor. Mark worked with us for several years on SHOOTING GALLERY and COWBOYS, as well as last year at SHOT when Marshal and I launched DRTV.

The Para 1000 Round Challenge videos with Todd Jarrett, currently on DRTV, has gone viral...we're getting responses now from all over the world, and DRTV has set another visitor record. And so we ride the tiger! Next week going into SHOT we've got my "everythigng you ever wanted to know about red dot sights" show.

We will also have some SURPRISES the first day of SHOT on DRTV!

Did you expect anything less?

No pixs of the Sweetie allowed! She is as intensely private as I am public...when we first started going together, she, as an attorney, negotiated a settlement whereby she would not appear in any of my magazine articles, books (non-fiction and fiction) or anywhere on the Internet, with a later coda that added broadcast television and radio to the list.

Funny story...a mystery novelist friend of mine called on the home line one night when I was out of town. My friend, who had never met my Sweetie, said that through my novel, ALL NIGHT RADIO — which features a very smart woman protagonist who used to be an attorney — and the advance work on the sequel he'd vetted, my friend felt like he knew my Sweetie.

"That's not me!" my Sweetie exclaimed. "It's Michael...all Michael's characters are Michael! I am not in his books!"

Well, there you have it, from the horse's mouth, so to speak.


Not Available said...

Kashi Cannon girly-girl!

BTW, I offered to help at Shot Show for a 'how-can-you-turn-down' this offer? But no. Just wait til the blogger dinner.

Anonymous said...

I knew...:>
Ned Reporter...did story on shooting area...

Anonymous said...

I knew...:>
Ned Reporter...did story on shooting area...