Wednesday, January 16, 2008

THE SELL-OUT...Special Message from the Thompson Campaign!

Tomorrow morning I'm doing a special interview with Second Amendment scholar John Lott at the behest of the Fred Thompson campaign.

I will post it as a SPECIAL DOWN RANGE Radio podcast as soon as I can, no later than Friday AM!


Anonymous said...

Will any other "Media" types be there to get the message out?

If not see if you can post something in writing that we will be allowed to spread around.

Anonymous said...

Most importantly - if you know ANYONE in the local media in SC, get this in front of them by Friday morning at the latest.

That goes for all your readers, viewers, and listeners, too!

Spread the word by any means available to as many people as you can - especially SC voters.

Anonymous said...


I just want to understand here:

You are interviewing John Lott "at the request of" the Thompson campaign?

So, Thompson or his staff aren't part of the interview? They just want you to talk to Lott?

Are you interviewing Lott about the DC case, or about Thompson, or about both?

I suppose I could wait until morning to hear it all for myself, but I am anxious and don't want to wait - so please spell out in a little more detail what is going on here.