Thursday, January 07, 2010

Excellent New Fashion Trends

While I was swilling my pot of coffee this morning, I noted that the Today Show, that great arbiter of American tastes, says that "man bags" are once again hot fashion items. Hey, that's great news for men everywhere! You can carry a bigger gun! And extra ammo! A really big Crocodile Dundee knife! Two lights, a laser designator, a PowerBar and a pack of Kleenex...and still be hot-Hot-HOT! I was gonna take the survey linked above as to whether man bags were unmanly, except there was no answer that said: NO! Now I can carry a Skorpion!

First, the response to our prototype video blog has been GI-NORMOUS! We're very happy, and I'll be back in the studio Friday (because I'll be back in the studio in Tulsa on Monday) for the second edition.


Anonymous said...

I rather like the Maxpedition FatBoy manpurses. They will hold all manner of handy gear, not to mention the fact they have a pocket that makes them about perfect for off-body carry.

Anonymous said...

"and a pack of Kleenex"

Should be a roll of toilet paper.

You can blow your nose in TP but wiping your butt with Kleanex may not work out so well.

Anon its a bug out bag not a man bag. Just like they are action figures not dolls LOL

Ratcatcher 55

Dave S. said...

The only acceptable bag for a man to carry is a canvas military/musette bag. Preferably with snap-closed external pockets.

seeker_two said...

I never cared for the terms "man bag" or "manpurse"...."messenger bag" is better....but I prefer "satchel" in "satchel charge"....seems manly enough....

Anonymous said...

If you can't fit what you need to "operate" into the pockets of your jeans, YOU DON'T NEED IT! The only necessary "external carrying devices" are a holster and a magazine pouch. Relying on a jacket isn't advised, since you may be separtated from it and you don't wear one in the summer. If you're separated from your pants, you're probably about to get "screwed" in a bad way!
The "fashionistos" have been trying for a long time to get us to convert to un-manliness, just like them. It won't work this time either.
Life Member

Sadltrmp said...

I thought that's why they made vests?
Does make me think of the Geico commercial where the guy has the manbag his girlfriend gave him, which makes a nice repository for your gonads, which you'll no longer need after purchasing said manbag. LOL